Merry Christmas, Shaman!

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I just wanted to say Happy Christmas to everyone on the Shaman section of Icy Veins, and in particular you special people who share my love for Restoration.


Since last year, we've seen a huge upsurge of posts, replies, likes, and suggestions. You guys have been wonderful, and this holiday period I've seen more help topics and replies in a month than I saw in all of 2012. 


I'm really passionate about making this small corner of the internet the best place for Shaman to come and learn, help, and share together. Just by being here, you've given me an awesome Christmas present (and it's not even time to open presents yet!)


Thank you, and stay classy Shaman!


Love Stoove

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Merry christmas everyone, thanks for the best shaman forums on the web.


Keep it up!

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