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Corpse Explosion Necromancer (Patch 2.6.4)

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A couple of notes:

1) The Introduction page recommends a completely different jewelry setup and off-hand item, as well as the Esoteric Alteration gem: it shoul be corrected to match what is recommended in the Gear page...

2) In the gear page it is written: "This Blood Nova-based build falls firmly in that category"; but this is not a Blood Nova-based build...

3) In the Cube section of the Speed Farming variation page it is written: "To cut down the Blood Golem downtime even further, you will be using the freed up armor slot in the Cube to assign the Golemskin Breeches power." That slot was occupied by Grasps of Essence, that seemed an important piece of the build: is the recommendation to replace it with Golemskin Breeches correct? In which sense the armor slot is "freed up"? That wording seems to suggest the item is either worn or related to a skill that has been replaced, but both options seem false to me...

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