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Acid Cloud Witch Doctor (Patch 2.6.4)

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Guest Kooltime

This is the only real  Legit WD build in the game currently, 1 key element in the other 8 of the 9 builds you list has a big problem for me. 

This is my personal preference as of now im boycotting all other builds, due to the 1 glaring issue they all have.  Doesnt matter the set you pick, or the spell types in the 8 other builds listed here.

Am I the only one that sees the Un_Balance of witch doctor class since day 1 for competitive seasons.

Here it is, you either are forced to work any set or spells around "SOUL HARVEST" or suck every season ??

To me personally soul harvest is not fun skill to play, its a forced side band deal, that not enjoyable to use.  Break your fingers spamming in correctly on stacks or suck never see a leader board ever again, thats pretty much it.

Hoping you being pro's at this, may have better insider input to ask blizzard to un-nerf the WD to a 1 spell or nothing 16 seasons in a row now system. 

I hate that skill, hope others tell blizz and boycott 'soul harvest', we would like to play something else, anything else just once, and be able to be actually competitive.  Its been 16 seasons in a row now top 100, 100% soul harvest on their action bars or go home, sits so very lame !

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Some minor notes, as usual:

1) When talking about Swampland Attunement it is written: "Protecting within a starting radius of 20 yards and extendable by Pickup Radius on gear, this passive is yet another reason to pay close attention to secondary stats. Note the absence of Lightning or Arcane Resistance, and strive to obtain it wherever you can". Shouldn't secondary stats like Pickup Radius and Lightning or Arcane Resistances be mentioned in the table of stat priorities, since they are important for this build?

2) Among the preerred stats for Helltoth Gauntlets there is (both in the text and in the table on the Gear page) Cooldown Reduction. Is it correct? It's the only item with Cooldown Reduction recommended, and the only one (among those who can have it) not to have Area Damage recommended...

3) The speed farming variation page is strangely short... Is there really nothing to adapt in the Gear and Cube for the speed farming variation? Is this the reason why there is no table with stat priorities for speed farming?

4) Which are the preferred Potion and Follower for this build?

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