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Zombie Bears Witch Doctor

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Some notes:

1) In the skill page it is written: "Haunt will be used to make enemies more susceptible to damage, as well as to proc the cubed Ring of Emptiness"; and then: "Haunt is included in the build mostly as a trigger to the damage multiplication of the cubed Ring of Emptiness". However, Ring of Emptiness is worn, not cubed.

2) When talking about Swampland Attunement it is written: "Protecting within a starting radius of 20 yards and extendable by Pickup Radius on gear, this passive is yet another reason to pay close attention to secondary stats. Note the absence of Lightning or Arcane Resistance, and strive to obtain it wherever you can". Secondary stats like Pickup Radius and Lightning or Arcane Resistances should be mentioned in the table of stat priorities, since in the text of the Gear page they are said to be quite important.

3) Which is ring to use when not playing solo?

4) In the Gear page it is written: "on the Helltooth Mantle, it is ideally paired with Area Damage"; however, for Helltooth Mantle the table suggest Cooldown Reduction, not Area Damage. Which one is correct?

5) In the Gear page ot is written: "This mirrors the Zombie Bears playstyle, which goes from extended periods of drawing agro with Corpse Spiders spam into static Zombie Charger Zombie Bears channeling". Corpse Spiders is a typo, since they're not used in this build...

6) When talking about Jeram's Bracers, it is written: "Stat-wise, seek Intelligence, Crit Chance and Fire damage". In the table Poison Damage is suggested, not Fire: which one is correct?

7) When talking about the mojos, it is written: "Regardless of your choice, aim for high damage range, Intelligence, Vitality, Crit Chance and Wall of Death Wall of Death skill roll". However, the table lists the following stat priorities for the mojo, in order: High Damage Range, Intelligence, Crit Chance, Area Damage, Zombie Charger %, Vitality. Maybe the two lists should be made equal?

8] Which are the preferred Potion and Follower for this build?

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Guest Question

Why is the Zombie Bears rune recommended rather than the Lumbering Cold rune?

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