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Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor (Patch 2.6.4)

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Shouldn't Cold Damage be listed as one of the top priorities for Swamp Land Waders? The whole point of using them is for the bonus to elemental damage.


Also, can you confirm the correct rune for Locust Swarm? It says Pestilence and Cloud of Insects in different places throughout the guide.

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Some minor notes:

1) In the Skill page, the skill table suggestes the Pestilence rune for Locust Swarm, while it should be Cloud of Insects (as stated in text below and in the Introduction page).

2) In the text of both the Skill page and the Gear page the Hellfire Amulet is suggested with the Rush of Essence passive: probably it should be Spirit Vessel instead, since Rush of Essence is already taken as one of the four regular passive skills (both in the Introduction page and Skill pages).

3) In then Group variation page, Ancient Parthan Defenders is the recommanded power to cube in the armor slot, or is only a variation to the main suggestion of keeping Belt of Trascendence?

4) In the Gear page, when talking about the rings, it is written: "In the stats, try to obtain a combination of Crit Chance, Crit Damage plus Attack Speed or Average Damage." However, the tables of stat priorities never mention Attack Speed for the rings: maybe this should be added?

5) In the skill page, when talking about Grave Injustice, it is written: "Take notice of the pickup radius synergy and try to obtain that stat in the secondaries of your gear". However, this secondary attribute is never mentioned nor suggested in the Gear page and in the stat priority tables...

6)  Which are the best Follower and Potion for this build?

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On the archived version of Group Progression with the Voo's Juicer, I need to point something out.

You've selected Phlebotomize, but Voo's Juicer already gives that rune in addition to The Spirit Is Willing. If you use Well of Souls, you will notice an increase in damage, and health/mana return.

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