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Hi Deadset and fellas, I have found a guide about Legacy of Nightmare Set Build with Wave of Light for Monk:


Could you kindly analyze this build and create a guide?

Thank you so much.

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Just the math tells me it shouldn't be strongest. I play on hardcore, can't die, so it may be different for me with what i choose to do as far as balancing damage and toughness. I recently died with my sunwoku monk, had just switched from Tempest rush to WoL. Weird death in a normal rift that I don't want to talk much about, hit something that should've died way too may times, it wasn't doing anything, then it split in two and killed me, death perk and all, much faster than it could've. Also wasn't glowing like an elite nor did it ever show a health bar or name. Working on all 7 classes, but put 33 hours into that monk. Was at a stand still. Wasn't getting ancients I still needed, didn't even have the full WoL build, needed the fist weapon, also needed the sunwoku amulet to replace the helmet with the WoL one. 
So I lvl up quick, and build a LoN WoL Monk. Had enough ancients to choose from, everything else and even one of the rings. Most of the ancients could be better suited. But suddenly I got The Kyroshi's WoL Fist weapon, a very nice ancient! Even got 3 normal sunwoku's, including the amulet haha. So I'm gonna roll with this until I got mostly ancient sunwoku's and an ancient vengeful wind, to max the stacks of Sweeping wind to 10. Then I'll switch back. 
I'm way better right now than I was, but that's due to all ancients which always helps, all 4 WoL pieces ( 2 in cube). My Dex and Vit is way up. Even with the not so perfect legendary skills, most of them aren't too important anyway. But in an end game world, all the sunwoku's would be ancient too. And even at 12 Ancients with LoN that's 9000% Damage. With Sunwoku's instead, that's 15000% extra damage to the main skill, so the only important one, WoL. Nearly twice as good. However, the kicker is this rabid strike, which I already had a nice ancient in my stash, 2X the Wave of lights is 2X the damage, so while in epiphany that 9000% could be considered 18000%. Played with that all morning and got much higher than I thought I would. Need the dmg reduction of the Bracers of D to go further, and was thinking the same for the cyclone strike, which could replace the Sunwoku Dmg Reduction... Hrmmm. Guess it's a matter of cooldown, in Hardcore I can't seem to prioritise it like most of the ideal builds do. So I won't. But I will have to think hard about it, stumbling across this build this morning, studying the build posted. With the extra fire dmg possibilities though, i suppose the fire resource cost reduction too. 
For me it's probably gonna be Sunwoku's if I ever reach the stage where all options are decent ancients, but sticking with LoN until then. Just due to cooldowns vs overall toughness on hardcore. I lose that toughness even for 10 seconds between epiphanies, it'll eventually be the wrong 10 seconds. I do get that epiphany is toughness too, just I'll never be at a point where I can always be in epiphany, so while choosing to be out of epiphany for longer may sound strange, the little added toughness instead of cooldown is essential on hardcore to me. Vulnerable more often, but less vulnerable while vulnerable haha, more time to adapt to the situation. Hardcore itself is anti max level I suppose for that reason. 

So after all that ill prepared rambling, and reading your build kind of as I wrote this, and going back and foreth myself, I'm gonna say no for me on hardcore, but that's a guess that has to do with issues taking something out for Cyclone strike. But It's all math. On softcore I think it is absolutely right, should be better. 18000% most of the time, or at the right time, is better than 15000% all the time maybe. That extra little dmg reduction for LoN combined with Cyclone strike over sunwoku's as well (although cyclone strike is kind of not well suited to the build, get stuck with nowhere to go, not good for zei's, maybe a CS followed by a DS to get away and WoL's? sounds good actually). And the kicker of up to 40% more fire dmg and 27 or whatever % fire resource cost reduction. I'm just not sure but without a doubt it will be tested by them, it is that good. 
But I have a question about the cold WoL, I had a primal ancient bracer that needed something else changed, so has 20% cold dmg, not a lot of bracer options for me ATM. It's incredible, that line of ice that bursts out goes like 20 yards and does almost identical dmg to the skill itself to everything. Plus it goes super far away for the Zei's whatever gem suggested (esoteric FTW). Not too hard to aim on xbox, easier on pc I imagine. No way the slightly larger AoE fire WoL with less dmg can do as much area as that, it's a question of a slightly larger area vs the normal area plus a massive long line? I feel it's better slightly for single enemies, and better more often for random clusters, or is the fire one bigger than my dumb *filtered* can see? (always play with same friend, can be unsure who kills what some times). 
I also love the Leap/ seismic slam Barb, but love my fury of the varnished peak with an extra life per fury spent and socket(after socket gift Of c)? has like 6 primaries or am I wrong? Combined with the cubed furnace, always huge, I'll find it hard to part with once I get my ancient Immortal kings boulder breaker. 
Love that you guys have grinded away, re ranked the builds already, made the builds even more in depth, and the easier to follow options and breakdowns. You guys are awesome. 


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After thinking out loud, and then to myself, it's great really, sounds way better except I forgot about the focus/restraint dmg boost. So maybe not better. I can't try it yet but should get close soon enough, will use cold for now, and a generator+ spirit guards instead of the cindercoat + dashing strike til I get that and the boots. Been wondering about the armour rune for Mantra of salvation instead of the dodge chance. Been using that, it's a massive armour boost. Interchangeable? Also the Dodge chance, dodge is a 100% miss right? unlike block. So at 110% chance to dodge you dodge everything? So then at 70% you dodge most, don't like it on hardcore, I get all fat and sassy until inevitably after some time 4 or 5 in a row will hit from a good enemy. Then you die because you didn't realise how bad you needed that defence for those random but eventual times. For my buddy the 35% chance seems a bit useless compared to loads of armour. For me, after I reach end build it's only incredibly awesome for 4 seconds after using Dashing Strike, otherwise meh. But with extra cooldowns you can probably DS pretty well every 4 seconds, so would you actually almost never get hit? If that's the case then man all my problems are solved on hardcore. Or do cooldown reductions not count for "charges"?



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