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Question About Knockback / Wizard

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I'm going with DMO set with frozen orb in season 16 and it's fun so I would improve

My build:


The build is from Rhykker and he suggest strongarm bracers but dunno why

What proc in this case the strongarm? (maybe the wave of force from tele?)

I use exactly the same build except I'm wearing witching hour now and use shame of delsere in the cube, should I use the strongarms instead?

any suggestions are welcomed

/edit: here is my bnet profil also:


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4 hours ago, Subjective said:

The legendary Ranslor's FollyRanslor's Folly causes enemies to be sucked in (effectively a knockback) when you cast Energy TwisterEnergy Twister which would trigger Strongarm BracersStrongarm Bracers. So the damage increase from Strongarm BracersStrongarm Bracers is a massive boost and should occur often, and is worth keeping in the build.

Thanks Sir, really appreciate your reply.

Is it not works on elits/ rift guardians, right?

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