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I Want To Be Prot Warrior But I Can't Tank , Help Me ?

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Hi All .


I got a prot warrior , just because i love the one handed sword and shield play style .

i wanna badly to become a tank , not just stupid dps .

i got a lvl 90 frost dk . i love them but i hate 2h sword , i just a fan of one handed and shield style .

i tried blood tank but i suck . now all i want is making good tanking warrior .

i started tanking at lvl 15 in dungeons and dps keeps tank instead of me , i dont know what to do , i try to do my best taunt and shield slam and attack ,

when i ask ppl why u tank , they answer me because im pro or because i dont know how to tank .

i need help . i wanna be prot warrior with one handed and shield tanking .


Thanks All

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Good choice friend!  That's the first tanking class I became very proficient with.  The playstyle is fun and allows you to bounce all over the place with your high mobility.


Don't worry about DPS pulling off you at level 15, it's not entirely your fault in AoE situations.  You don't get Thunder Clap until level 20, which is when tanking and managing threat becomes a bit easier.  I recommend using the Juggernaut talent to make Rage generation as easy as possible.  Make sure you're using Heroic Strike to dump extra rage for increased threat.  This may also sound silly, but make absolute sure that you're in Defensive Stance.  Your threat generation is severely hurt without it.


I recommend heading over to the Warrior forums if you haven't already and checking out some of the guides there.  Plenty of people I'm sure won't hesitate to help you answer more specific questions.  Unfortunately at that low of level it's hard to give many tips due to the limited amount of abilities available.  All I can say for now is to do the following:


-Use Charge as much as possible to increase overall Rage generation, but don't go out of your way in the middle of combat to do so.

-Heroic Strike when you have 50+ rage for low levels.

-Shield Slam on cooldown to increase Rage generation.

-Wait until level 26 when you pick up Devastate.  That will become your filler ability when everything else is on cooldown.

-Level 30 gives you Revenge which further increases your threat generation options.

-Don't use Taunt to pull, save it for if you lose aggro on a mob and follow it up with a Shield Slam if possible.

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I am only here to agree with Omaric.

During leveling you will lose threat to a DPC fairly often. probably even after getting thunderclap.

if you are level 32 and you happen to be in a group with a 36 burst dpser that happens to crit alot, you will find yourself losing agro. Dont worry about it too much, see it as a sortof taunting-training. every time a mob is pulled away, aim to quickly pull him back (in aoe situations this would be troublesome however) keep in mind that during leveling things are not as they are later in the game, and dont worry too much.


the only other tip I have is to let your group know your fairly new to tanking. If you say this at the beginning of each dungeon (you can even make a macro out of it) people will often be alot more cooperative and will hold back if they see you struggle.



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Um... not to point out the obvious but  I have a question............ Warrior, Pali, Druid... what ever..... He said he doesn't know what he's doing. Does he mean he doesn't know what to do with a warrior to  make it work or DOES HE NOT KNOW WHAT TANKS DO?


What is a tanks job. ? How does he go about it? Where should he be at what time? What should he watch for? What abilities to use when this or that happens.


Maybe when the people that said he doesn't know what he's doing (no offence to Manvictus) they were right.

Having a sword and shield doesn't not make one a tank no matter what you que as.


I've had to use a mage to tank to save a wipe before. Is a mage a tank...  god no... but getting the job done can be done by any class for a short bit if you know the goal and know your toon.


Maybe what Manvictus needs is TANKING classes. He,ll just need to do them while on his Warrior.

The title on his post says he can't tank. 


I think some of our tanks should be chiming in here with "TANK" suggestions and let the warrior forums take care of the finer details of warrior stuff.


I've found there are 3 main roles in this game if you simplify it enough.   Tank, DPS and Healer


The Tanks job is to pick fights and take a beating. He takes a beating so others don't


The Dps's job is to break/kill stuff. Not to tank or heal but just break stuff


The Healers job is to keep 1) The Tank alive  2) Everyone else alive. 


The different techniques you use to get this done are quite varied but this is the basic gist of it.


Each Class of Tank will have its pluses and minus's  and use different abilities to get things done but a tanks job still basically remains the same.



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