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16 Prot Paladins Vs. Jaina Normal

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Jaina hasn't even been a boss for more than a week yet and the shenanigans kills have already started! Rextroy and as many Protection Paladins as he could find have ventured into Dazar'alor and of the 30 that started the trek, only 16 remained in the end to face down lady Proudmoore. With an average ilevel of 385, they actually took a fair amount of time (15-ish wipes) to take her down/force her to bail.



This fight was a real pain, especially the last phase. Probably took us about 15 wipes or more. We started off as 30 protection paladins, but people left and we ended up with a solid group of 16 people. The more paladins you have, the more your healing will be. But it is also harder to coordinate everyone. We also had an average of 385 ilvl. Fun thing is, this boss doesn't appear to have any real "berserk" or atleast it is a really long timer. We had some attempts that were 22 minutes long.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rextroy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rextroy3
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/rextroy

Tactics: Phase 1 (0:00) This phase is really chill when you get the hang of it. Make sure you use your ballista to quickly get rid of the Kul'tiran boats. And drop your chilling stacks by walking into fire. Also don't forget to throw the bombardments overboard. The NPCs that spawn here isnt an issue for a full tank group, so we pretty much ignored them.

Phase 2 (4:08) At 60% health, you get into phase 2. Make sure you avoid all the frozen orb or you get stunned. And rush to find Jaina. You have to move out of your raid group and drop the arcane bombardments on the munition so the ice shatters. This causes you to be able to kill them for your group. Make sure you stay in the fire that spawns as long as possible to delay the time until you get frozen solid. Also make sure you avoid Glacial Ray at all cost, it truely hurts!

Phase 3 (8:05) At 30% health, you get into phase 3. Save your CDs and hero for this phase, you need to burn down the wall and free Nathanos quickly before the ice reaches you. The water elemental aint too bad, just make sure you avoid standing near allies if you get the Heart of Frost debuff!

Phase 4 (9:25) The last phase is definitely the hardest. You got no good way to get rid of the chilling debuff here, aswell as her images will keep spawning fairly often. Our strat here was to make sure we had Divine Shield ready as a panic button for ourselves, aswell as Spellwarding to delay the application of the Ice Block. Our prio target was Ice Block - Image - Jaina. We stacked up to maximize cleave damage. The most dangerous time was when both Jaina and her prismatic images would use Glacial Ray at the same time and at the location we had a bunch of people stacked up frozen. This would lead to a wipe a fair amount of times.

Stacking up also let us easily free eachother by cleave, but as stated it did have some risks of a lot of people being slain by AOE effects. You could also have a strat of splitting up more and leting the Ice Block duration fall off (and keep the ones inside Ice Block healed up).

It was overall a really interesting boss and really pleasant that it didn't have any hard enrage timer. Might not been possible if that was the case!

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19 minutes ago, Cntrl said:

Video all and all impressive I like the work rextroy does but one question I’m confused about , HOW DID THE PALADIN Brez ???

Probably the engineering gizmo added in 8.1. I think they used to have it in earlier expansions as well, but was absent recently.

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