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Legendary Metagem Weakaura

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Hey all.  I've got a weakaura for ya'll I think you can use.  Original props go out to Zili, a former guildmate of mine and badass tank. 


Anyway.  As it stands, every time your L.metagem procs, for 4 seconds the buff symbol will flash on your screen, and it'll make a SPLASH sound when it activates and an ELECTRIC sound when it's done.  Knowing as soon as it activates helps me spam PW:Shield for tons of free mana and giving people free shields. 


Just import the following string into WA. 



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Ha ha thank you.  I hadn't even thought about doing that. 


BTW, since it's being pinned, can someone else import the string and confirm that yes it's still working?  Preferably someone with weakaura 2, since nobody should still be using weakaura 1. 

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