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Frost Mage. Low Dps not sure why.

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Hey everyone.

My guild raid night doing Jaina normal and my dps was well to say lackluster it was the first doing the fight but as the pulls progressed seemed I was doing better mechanics wise and not dying to stupid *filtered* anyways.... Raidbots is telling me I should be over 14k dps and I was barely staying above 10k as the fight progressed.  Yet when we downed Heroic Champions I was doing 13-14k dps. Any help is awesome I don't want to lose my raid spot because of dps numbers..  Here are my logs below thanks. 



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Judging by your gear and stats 10k seems fine for Jaina.

Remember that you have loads of downtime and movement on Jaina, and standard sim is a 5min fight with no movement and no raid responsibillities.

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