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Im confused about stats

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Im new as priest disci, and im confused about stats and rotation.

By guide on icy-veins I see this priority stats:

Critical Strike Rating;
Mastery Rating;
Haste Rating.

but when I checking some ppl or askmrrobot I can check some other build like: 
Spirit > Crit > Haste > Mastery
Spirit > Haste/Mastery > Crit > Mastery/Haste.

We're talking about lfr/flex, then 10 mode. Could you give me some advice?
Also im afraid in healing. Could I healing by atotment? I mean spamming smite/hf and penance on target, and using PW:S on targets? :)

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I recommend crit > mastery > haste, and of course as much spirit as you need to get through the fight.  For me that means 9000~10000 spirit, for you it might be something different.  Your goal should be to be about to run out of mana as each fight ends, without actually going OOM.  If you end the fight with 200k mana, you have too much spirit; if you go OOM durring the fight, you don't have enough. 


Smite healing is one of Disc's greatest strengths, but the ability to play disc well is knowing when to stop smite healing and when to start using traditional heals.  Get an addon that tracks PoM and make sure it's always out and bouncing around.  Watch your legendary metagem and make sure you're spamming PW:Shield when it's free.  You need to know when to blow Spirit Shell and start PoHing the raid (or Greater Heal the tank, if the fight demands it.) 


I recommend some addon or set of addons for direct use for healing (I use Grid and Clique).  I recommend DBM or Bigwigs for boss information during fights.  I recommend ReforgeLite for optimal or near-optimal reforging with the click of a button.  I recommend GTFO for survivability. 


LFR is a joke.  You can go in there in greens, do nothing but attonement heal, and do better than half the healers.  Flex and 10m are more or less the same, just one is easier than the other.  I dont' think fight mechanics change between the two. 


As far as gemming goes, you need to decide if you like Int or Crit more.  I've seen lots of priests use one and lots use the other and I don't think there's a clear concencus on which is actually better.  If you choose Int, your gems should be Int, Int/Crit, and Int/Spirit.  If you choose crit, your gems should be Int/Crit, Crit, Crit/Spirit.  If you're a JC, 320 int gem > 480 crit gem period. 


Always use int food and flasks.  Always.  No exceptions.  


I could go into talent / glyph choices as well, but this should be enough for what you asked. 


If you have any other questions, shoot.

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