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Galecaller's boon use.

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I just got a Galecaller's boon. Been using mostly trinkets that were either random proc or the lustrous plume. Wondering how do you use this trinket well? Do you tie it specifically to your CDs or pop it on CD, providing you aren't going to move predictably? Curious because  I run mostly M+ and have no clue. 

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Use it together with cooldowns. Particularly Aspect of the WIld. The extra Haste can be wasted if you don't have enough Focus to spam attacks with it. And combining cooldowns is always more effective than throwing them separately.

However, since it has a 1 minute cooldown and Aspect of the Wild is 2 minutes, you effectively want to use it on cooldown so every second use lines up with AotW.


Oh wait you didn't specify specs... if you're MM use it together with Trueshot :P


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