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Battle of Dazar'alor M Day 6: 11% to Go?

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It's been a pretty slow day today and I wasn't really sure whether to write an update as it's going to be a short one, but we do have another low percentage try by Method and a video to go along with it. If the Mythic Jaina encounter follows suit on Mythic as it did on Heroic, we have another 11.8% to go, or rather Method do. Limit are almost certainly closer and on a lower percentage, but we can't know that for sure. What we do know is that Method made it to 16.8%!

If you want to skip directly to the Tide Elemental phase just move the video to 9H16Min, but it's well worth a look at the entire pull as the casters go over a lot of detail about the fight and the current strategy.

The thing with "best" and "lowest %" tries is that it's a bit of a toss up which is better. As you can see above the elemental was still very much in one piece, and we've seen previous tries where it was not only broken in two, but the two mini elementals were almost dead as well. This is because there's a lot of cleave going on with the recent strategies so Jaina is going down in parallel to the elementals. Method have also run a whole bunch of Heroic splits at the end of their progress day, using the time when they're most tired and unfocused to do the brainless farm. Due to this late-night venture they'll be starting their stream two and a half hours later than usual today, at 11:30 CET.

We also had a whole lot of new Stormwall Blockade kills, with 25 total guilds now on 8/9 and progressing on Jaina, and here's the full list:
Limit, Method, Pieces, Exorsus, Alpha, AFK R, Jitianhong, Memento, Wildcard Gaming, Skyline, NollTvåTre, FatSharkYes, P G, TG Gaming, Aversion, ScrubBusters, Future, Exposed, From Scratch, Impact, Hope n Despair, Halcyon, Snafu, Walkthrough, Instant Dollars and Club Camel.

And so we have one more day of progress for Limit in this first reset and if Jaina survives it we're on to the final test for this so far pretty solid boss. Tuesday and the reset/re-clear will be very tense, as we'll get so see if gear really is any sort of issue on the fight whatsoever. It's difficult to imagine a whole new reset's worth of both Mythic and Heroic gear won't make a difference, but whether or not it will be enough to make the fight doable in a day's worth of tries remains to be seen. There's still the possibility of an entirely new phase after she reaches that 5%, or that amount simply being lower on Mythic, say, 1% or so, which would be quite a surprise to everyone. In any case, both Limit and Method (and the now 23 other guilds that are progressing on the final boss) will still be giving it their all today, to see if Jaina can be a 1-reset boss.


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yeah, it's hard to keep update when progress is insignificant...

or in some order:






hype? meh... wait for reset 


still, thanks for keeping eye on it, this is still my favorite place for those news. Cheers!

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One more day till reset and the Guilds could either start fresh on Tuesdays or extend the lockout and focus solely on Jaina further.

If your team composition is great along with current build/gear set up I would stick with the extended lockout and get more pulls on Jaina along with formulating a better strategy towards those last phases.  But that's just my two cents.  

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2 hours ago, Ragingwolf said:

One more day till reset and the Guilds could either start fresh on Tuesdays or extend the lockout and focus solely on Jaina further.

If your team composition is great along with current build/gear set up I would stick with the extended lockout and get more pulls on Jaina along with formulating a better strategy towards those last phases.  But that's just my two cents.  

I don't think Limit would dare do that a second time. But it would be hilarious if they reset and Method extended and won. But I'm sure both guilds know exactly whether they can kill her with this amount of gear or not. Limit's G'huun thing was just really unfortunate when you look at the insane amount of low % tries they had.

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