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Struggling with dps

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Evening all.


Been away from wow for about 2 years so made a come back 7 weeks ago with this paladin:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/chamber-of-aspects/Drsanchez/simple


but I am struggling to break the 100k dps mark, and I have seen other ret paladins with a lot worse gear out dps me.


Currently using Retribution fcfs helper.


I manage 120k dps for the first minute until my cool downs burn out.


Some suggestions on gems gear ect would be appreciated



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Well let's take a look at the major problem here: 


You're a good 2.4%  UNDER hit cap, and about .5% under expertise cap, this means you're missing a large portion of your attacks. Next we will look at your gear.


both of your trinkets, while they do have haste they aren't anywhere near good, but I'm guessing you're just using what you can get I would definitely suggest running every single lfr you can get.


Next your gemming/enchanting: 

Weapon: Change your gem to Quick Sun's

Helm: Lightning Wild + Reverb Primal

Shoulder: Lightning Wild x2

Back: Enchant: Superior Crit

Chest: Lightning Wild + Enchant: Glorious Stats 

Bracers: Enchant: Exceptional Strength

Gloves: Quick Sun's x2

Belt: Bold Serpent's (JC Gem), Lightning Wild, and Quick Sun's (With living steel belt buckle)

Leg: Bold Serpent's, Fierce Vermil

Feet: Enchant Boots: Haste (The lvl 85 one)

Ring: Quick Sun's


Reforging: Here's where we can get you some of that hit back;


Back: Mastery -> Haste

Legs: Crit -> Haste

Feet: Exp -> Hit

Bloodclaw Band: Mastery -> Exp


These are basic enchants, gemming, and reforging from http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/eu/chamber_of%20aspects/drsanchez


I suggest you start using it until you get to the point where you're comfortable with how your class stat weights work. Try to replace those timeless isle pieces asap with LFR siege or even ToT gear.


(Will edit after shower, cheers!)



Edit: Ok now that I'm back and answered all the universes' oldest questions let's get back to your issue.


Could you post a basic skill priority (or even rotation) both aoe and single target, along with anything you use during burst.


Also if you could explain your t5 talent choice.


Glyph: I'd suggest changing your glyph of hammer of the righteous to any of the following:


Glyph of Word of Glory

Glyph of Sacrifice

Glyph of Divine Protection

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Many thanks for the quick reply.


I have now changed the gems as suggested and also done the following


Haste is now 18%

hit chance at 7.49%

expertise is 7.48%


is changed the tanking boots.


currently working towards the 40k coins for Timeless isle trinket and had 3 goes in Soo for the other with no joy so far.


also using curse addon for dps rotation (clicker) have a couple of macros to burns all cooldowns in one also.


will update dps once I have had another go in LFR

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Do remember that while you do have a 524 ilvl, your trinkets, and your timeless gear, isn't the best, so you don't have amazing stats, you're sitting at sub 20% haste which will make your CDs still rather high and therefor your DPS will be low, are you still using divine purpose on every fight?

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I would replace the HoTR glyph with the exorcism glyph, there are many opportunities for cleaving in most boss encounters and it is a decent DPS gain. 


The rotation guide on Icy Veins as well as the information in this thread is very helpful. Just keep practicing and working toward better gear and your DPS should rise very quickly. Weapon and trinkets are going to be your most noticeable upgrades so I would save your bonus rolls for those bosses (Sha of Pride/Galakras/Thok).

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It would much easier for everyone here to understand exactly the issues with your dps if you were to pull up worldoflogs.com, create a guild for yourself to log under, and post the logs you get.


Hopefully you can get your dps up to where you want it to be soon :)

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