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Question about the elemental exposure

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I'm still not sure how elemental exposure works, my questions are:

Is it has total 20 or 80% damage if its fully stacked? (each element dmg type has total 20% dmg buff or 5%?

Time duration (5 sec) will stack? so I will get 20 sec when its fully buffed or each hit refresh the 5 sec duration?


Please forgive me for my bad english

Any suggestions are welcomed

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I think it's 5% per stack, so maximum 20%. But there is a piece of gear that raises the amount to 10% per stack, so 40% total. 
I'm not positive in this case, but those cooldowns, all the similar variations of them, tend to be kept alive very easily. This is a guess, because I don't know, but it's likely a 20 second cooldown that gets refreshed every time you use any of the skills, after you do the first 4 to get it full strength. 
Hopefully someone can confirm that for you. 
I'm saying that because of other stacking bonuses, so far the cooldown seems to stack which surprised me pleasantly, and any of the options keep it going, on the ones I've experienced. 

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If i look at Pound of Flesh, a Barbarian passive, it can be stacked to 5, but each stack is kept on a different timer. I'm not really concerned EE stacks to 20 sec. On D3planner, there are different Buff stacks for each element, which constistent with the passive mentioned above, but i dont know if that site can be considered authentic.

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