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Patch 8.1 Hotfixes: February 12th

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We have some visual improvements for the Jadefire Masters fight on heroic and Mythic today, as well as an acknowledgement of the absurdity of Saurfang's current location, some Azerite trait and Rogue PvP fixes!

Blizzard LogoFebruary 12 (source)

Dungeons and Raids

  • Corrected an issue preventing the Keystone Master Keystone Master achievement from being properly awarded.
  • Court of Stars
  • Battle of Dazar’alor
    • Jadefire Masters
      • Visual distinctions have been added to the Multisided Strike clones in Heroic and Mythic difficulties.


  • High Overlord Saurfang heard a rumor that someone has a Love is in the Air surprise for him, and will risk coming out of hiding to receive it.


Player versus Player

  • Rogue
    • Assassination
      • Fixed an issue that caused Poisoned Knife Poisoned Knife to remove your non-active lethal poison that was applied by Shiv.
      • Resolved an issue that caused Neurotoxin Neurotoxin to increase the duration of school lockouts caused by interrupt abilities such as Kick Kick .

Previous hotfixes.

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4 hours ago, Starym said:

Visual distinctions have been added to the Multisided Strike clones in Heroic and Mythic difficulties. 

Oh thank god. I'm visually impaired and while everyone has been talking about colour blindness on HTM it was JFM that was driving me to distraction. The blue on slightly lighter blue was almost impossible for me to see.

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      Rank 2 and Rank 3 crafted items from Warlords of Draenor have unique appearances, and the removal affects all professions.
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      Mastery: Deep Wounds - Mortal Strike, Colossus Smash, Warbreaker, Cleave, and Bladestorm inflict Deep Wounds, dealing [ 60% of Attack Power ] Bleed damage over 12 sec and increasing the damage the enemy takes from you by 8.8%. Fury
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      Today, we found out that in the first raid tier of the expansion (and also Mythic Season 1), Soulbind Conduits will be hard-capped at Rank 5, 210 being the highest obtainable.
      If you run the following macro in the game and manually replace conduitID and conduitRank, you will see Conduit tooltips with various ranks in the chat. Thanks to AcidWeb from the Shaman Discord for providing the macro.
      /run print(C_Soulbinds.GetConduitHyperlink(conduitID, conduitRank)) In the following example, we used the Iron Maiden Conduit and figured out that Soulbind Conduits will be capped at Rank 5 or Item Level 210 in the first raid tier of the expansion. The difference between Rank 5 and Rank 6 is 90 item levels.
      Conduit Rank 1: Item Level 155 Conduit Rank 2:  Item Level 165 Conduit Rank 3: Item Level 180 Conduit Rank 4: Item Level 195 Conduit Rank 5: Item Level 210 Conduit Rank 6: Item Level 300 Conduit Rank 7: Item Level 300 Conduit Rank 8: Item Level 300 Conduit Rank 9: Item Level 300 Conduit Rank 10: Item Level 300 Conduit Rank 11: Item Level 300 Conduit Rank 12: Item Level 300 Conduit Rank 13: Item Level 300 Conduit Rank 14: Item Level 300 Conduit Rank 15: Item level 300 Below are Ranks 1 through 6 and the final rank of the Conduit.

      Item Levels of Rewards in Shadowlands
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      Rewards from dungeons start at Item Level 158 on Normal difficulty in Mythic Season 1. The Item Level will increase throughout the expansion.
      Normal Difficulty: Item Level 158 Heroic Difficulty: Item Level 170 Mythic Difficulty: Item Level 183 Timewalking: Item Level 158 Shadowlands PvP Loot
      Honor gear: Item Level 158-190 (upgradable) Conquest gear: Item Level 190-222 (upgradable) Shadowlands Raids/World Boss Loot
      The last two Castle Nathria bosses (Stonelegion Guardians and Sire Denathrius drop better loot from the rest of the raid).
      Raid Finder Difficulty: Item Level 187-194 Normal Difficulty: Item Level 200-207 Heroic Difficulty: Item Level 213-220 Mythic Difficulty: Item Level: 226-233 Timewalking: Item Level 200 Shadowlands World Bosses: Item Level 207
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