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[US-Area52][H] 560 Rogue LF Weekend Raid

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LF Weekend Raid Group/Guild now thru WoD


Hello all


I am looking to find a raid group/Guild that is focused on Raiding Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Hours I prefer are 7-11Eastern. I would like to to join a team that is working on SoO Normals or Heroics now and plans to raid 20man Mythic into WoD. I can go a Hr early or a Hr late.


Years of experience with Semi-Hardcore raiding and managing RL commitments have led me to specific days and type of raiding I commit too.


I have a 560+ geared Rogue now. I have not been able to find a raid group that can maintain any momentum.


I am not focused solely on progression for the sake of progression. Working through encounters with a reasonably competent group is the reward I search for. Consistency and regular raid times are what I am looking for most of all. I have all of my raid prep needs covered. All I really need is a solid group and I will be 100% reliable raider.


After WoD hits I could switch to another class but for the rest of MoP I'm rolling this Rogue.


I will not faction change.

I will server transfer after a good solid talk to guild leads in Vent/Mumble


Leave a post here or hit me up on Battle Tag Juggy#1192


Thanks For Reading


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