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So I follow what AMR ( tells me to do to a T. I have a read a bit that this may not be the best use of AMR but for the love of me I can't figure out what the heck they are talking about and how to best use it.


I've got my rotation down pretty solid now and I realize respec'ing only makes a minor DPS difference but I feel as if I am at a consistent point where I may notice the difference more so. 


Here is a link to my AMR profile:


I am using the default PVE build and the only option changes I have made are what types of gear to factor into upgrades and such as well as the cloak, legendary gem stuff.


Should I be editing weights to better optimize my gear? If so, can someone explain or point me to a link somewhere that explains it?

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Looks fine to me if you like expertise gems.


Personally I edit my stat weights so that mastery is just under spell power.  Then I set crit to 3 and haste to 1 because I'm arbitrary with my numbers like that.  I would optimize again though because you're a wee bit over the hit cap.

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