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I just hit ilvl 460...(LFR Tanking...?)

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So, I just hit 460 ilvl on my Prot Paladin. I know LFR opens up for me now. But I'm a little afraid of tanking in LFR because of the hatred I might get for being noobish at the fights themselves. I'm not new to tanking. I've tanked my way from level 15 to 90 in normal dungeons. But LFR is a little different and requires a little more thoughtful cooperation between you and the other tank. (switching off at certain points in the fight, etc)

I know the guides here are for Heroic raiding. My work schedule doesn't allow for raiding whatsoever. My only days off are Friday and Saturday and usually I have stuff to do, so my gaming gets pushed to weekday mornings. That's fine, I'm content with only clearing content in LFR for this expansion.


Do you think at my current ilvl...460, if it's a good idea to start tanking in LFR...or should I just stick to DPS and switch my loot spec to prot? It makes me less efficient as a DPS'er...but it would mean I get my tank gear with less stress.

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Honestly, I would suggest queueing as DPS and just being there in case a tank died. That's how I geared up and got comfortable. Once you're around 465 ish you can feel safe in MSV, 475 safe in HoF/ToES, and 485 safe in ToT.


However there's nothing wrong with going in at 460, seeing how you do, apologizing to the community and leaving if you are the problem. Don't be afraid to nurture yourself, get out there and give it a shot. From there, decide how you should further gearing yourself.


If you have a DPS/Holy set that would be even better in terms of gearing up your tanking set, but you also want to make sure you're giving yourself the experience you need, not just the gear. Getting a hang of the bosses at a lower item level will help you maximize your playing ability because it will require more effort to survive.


Basically, get out there and don't be shy. If you feel you're not strong enough yet, swap specs and gear up.


Also your ilevel is 460, which means you could use some benefit from the Timeless Isle. Check out the guide -here-, as it offers you 496/535 items that you can benefit from.

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The minimum gear requirements are plenty well enough geared assuming you go for the right stats and have a basic grasp on how to play your character.


The one most important piece of advice I can give is, if you do not know, ASK. Its better to ask than to charge in blindfolded. There's no shame in showing you want to improve and admitting you have something to improve. 


You might feel like a nuisance to your group seeming noobish for askin lfr tacs, and some less-than-decent people might get upset by it, but usually there is someone who can give you the small guideline needed to kill the boss. LFR bosses don't require full understanding from the get go, and you learn by doing once you get to it. (Taunt at X stacks gets you pretty far on most fights.)


Be brave. That's your job as a tank. Best of luck on the path you've chosen. :)

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