How to Get Feathers in Patch 8.1.5

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Feathers is a new battle pet that you can get by completing a short questline in Patch 8.1.5 that takes place in Tanaris.

Mechanical Feather Mechanical Feather was added in Patch 8.1 and we also datamined a matching Mechanical Parrot mount in Patch 8.1 Build 28294 that's still not available to this day, maybe it's being saved for Mechagon and Patch 8.2?




Feathers Questline

A new questline was added in Patch 8.1.5 that rewards a battle pet called Feathers. Both factions will be able to get the pet. We completed the questline on the Horde side, where Jastor Gallywix sends you to kill a Goblin located in Tanaris.

Whatever Happened to Grizzek Fizzwrench?

Gallywix wants you to locate and kill Grizzek Fizzwrench in Tanaris.


When this whole Azerite mess began I had a goblin named Grizzek Fizzwrench do some research for me. He was bad for business and had to be removed from the picture. I thought it was a done deal, only now I'm hearing maybe he's not so dead. I need you to hunt this guy down and see what happened. If he's alive, eliminate him and i'll add the standard mercenary fee to your reward.

Gazlowe appears right after you leave the ship and tries to strike another deal with you.


Hey, PlayerName!

<Gazlowe's eyes look to either side as he motions you closer.>

I think we can make a deal here.

-> Yeah? What kind of deal?

Gallywix talked to you about Fizzwrench? Yeah, I thought so. Look, Grizzek didn't have a lick of sense when it came ot politics, but he was a good guy. Between you and me? We need goblins like him, pushin' the boundaries of engineering. So here's my counter offer. If you find Grizzek, tell him to keep his head down and tell Gallywix he's out of the picture. Do that and I'mm make sure you get paid twice as much. Sounds good?

-> You've got a deal.

Gallywix: Remember, I'll pay double!

After investigating Waterspring Field in Tanaris, you come across a Mechanical Parrot that's broken.


<You find the charred pieces of some mechanical contraption. A parrot maybe? It isn't Grizzek Fizzwrench, but it's evidence of his work. Perhaps there are more clues to be found in the area.>

Some Reassembly Required

Collect 100 Mechanical Parts Mechanical Parts from Venture Co. scavengers to fix Feathers.


<The word "feathers" has been etched onto the broken mechanical creature -- the sort of thing the person you are looking for might have created. Collecting the pieces and recreating the mechanical construct will surely give you a clue as to their fate..

The area is crawling with Venture Co. scavengers and goons. Their pockets are probably filled with mechanical bits you could use to fix Feathers.>


Now that Feathers is fixed, it's time to debug his recall program to trace Grizzek Fizzwrench.


<Though very damaged, and filled with insects, you can tell Feathers seems to have some sort of recall program.

Fixing the mechanical bird and following it back to the source may bring you to the person you seek.

You were able to put the thing back together. How hard could debugging and mechanical parrot be?>

When you begin debugging, Feathers will go haywire. You'll gain access to three abilities that need to be pressed in exact order, based on the text that appears on screen.


Input required! Hit Any Key! -> Hit Any Key Hit Any Key

System Overload! Clear cache! -> Clear Cache Clear Cache

Error 37! Error 37! Reboot System! -> Reboot System Reboot System

The debugging process should finish.


<Debugging Feathers involved actual bugs. Gross. But the mechanical creature seems to be moving better.>

Hello! Systems operating within normal parameters. Hello!

<Feathers looks at you, awaiting input.>

Return to the Nest


<You decide to activate the recall subroutine. Perhaps the parrot will lead you to the person you are looking for.>

Activate the recall subroutine to find Fizzwrench.


Feathers: Homing beacon activated. Searching for signal. Signal found. Activating protocol "Find Saffy". Signal degradation. Atmospheric disturbances detected. Attempting to compensate. Signal weak. Re-calibrating. Operation resumed. Within broadcast radius. Starting broadcast now. Hello, Saffy!

Sapphronetta Flivvers: Feathers! How are you-- Feathers! Cancel broadcast! Cancel--

Feathers: Order recognized. Broadcast canceled. Signal disrupted. Error 37. Compensating. Signal Re-established. Time to target, approximately twenty seconds. Hello, Saffy!

He's Dead, Jastor

Feathers will lead yu to Grizzek Fizzwrench and Saffy. Now, you're asked to tell Jastor Gallywix that he's long dead and you can keep the bird.


Hey, uh, so I got a good thing goin' on here, and I really don't want Gallywix to know I'm alive. I'll make you a deal. You spin some story about how you only found tiny pieces of me spread across Tanaris and that I am totally dead, and... And you can keep the bird.

Grizzek Fizzwrench: Hey, thanks for not blabbing to Gallywix for me. And uh, thank Gazlowe for me? I owe him one, so I'm gonna pay it with some advice for you to pass along. Never get involved in political engineering! Never! Tell him to run if he's gettin' too close!

Sapphronetta Fivvers: We should really be going. Gallywix's goons could find us at any moment!

Grizzek Fizzwrench: Right, right. We're all packed, pookie. Ready to go when you are.

Sapphronetta Fivvers: You take good care of Feathers, PlayerName. Remember, you never saw us!

Return to Zandalar Harbor and speak to Gallywix.



You take care of that bad investment, Grizzek Fizzwrench?

Don't spare any of the details! Come on, spill!

-> He's dead. Where's my payment?

-> He's nothing but a smear across the desert. A tiny smear. A series of microscopic bits spread across the sand. He's 100% dead. I got this really awful sunburn looking for all the pieces. And when I found them I blew them up again. Yep He's dead. Really, really dead.

Gallywix: That's what I like to hear! Nice doin' business with ya, PlayerName.

Now talk to Gazlowe to claim your pet!

Mechanical Feather Mechanical Feather

“Thought to be lost in a massive explosion, the smartest of engineers were able to rebuild Feathers into a magnificent mechanical creation.”


Gameplay Video

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