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New Balance Druid Assistance

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Good Afternoon,


I was hoping you folks could help me out as my research is giving me confusion when it comes to stat priority for my balance druid.  Currently I am at the 5273 (actually small amount above) haste break point and trying to stack Crit like mad to reach that 12k crit mark which is recommended by icy veins.


However while reviewing other sites EJ and MMO Champion they are saying to shoot for the 10k haste break point so long as you don't go below the 5k crit mark after reaching that then go for more crit.  EJ in specific said that the weights are pretty much exact until that 10k mark then crit takes over.


So which is it? Is there a certain situation where I should be doing one or the other?


I am raiding 10 man regs and don't have any intention of going into heroics ever so that is my environment. My gear score currently is 539. 


Any help would be great.


I am not sure why but I can't post my link to my armory but my name is Midada on Wyrmrest Accord


Thanks and have a great day.

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I don't play Balance, so I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable can fill in or correct me if needed. My understanding is what you gain at the 10k breakpoint is an 11th tick of your dots, but if in the process you sacrifice too much Crit rating, it will hurt your rate of Starsurge procs. The benefit also depends on being extremely precise with your dot-clipping. What Pacteh advised us is that Haste is the best stat up to the 5k breakpoint, and after that it's a judgment call.

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Stay at the 5273 bp until you can easily maintain 10k+ crit, then go to 10289 when you can, but don't go higher because at that point you're at the 50% gcd cap, so then throw more into crit and mastery.


The main reason people go for the 10k bp early is more ticks = more chances for SS proc's but depending on how much crit you lose to reach that point its counter productive. Its best to maintain 28%+ crit unbuffed, just in case you don't have some to give you the 5% crit buff.


And lose the cleave trinket if you can, its terrible.

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