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Frustrated with Corpse Lance Build

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So I'm getting really frustrated with playing this build and I was wondering if someone could help me out. Here is a link to it:


So the point of the build is to move between enemy groups, using Land of the Dead to melt elite packs while ignoring everything else. And it does this. But the issue is that if I get caught by anything I die instantly. If a ranged minion throws something at me? Dead. If the map is too dense with enemies and I blood rush to where I'm near an enemy? Dead. 

I find that I have no ability to recover. If I blood rush too close to something I can't get away even if I blood rush again. At GR70 I can melt elites easy but if I get hit, I'm dead. I was wondering if someone could provide me with some tips/tricks or tell me what I'm doing wrong in terms of my build/gear.

Here is a link showing my skills, gear and paragon: 


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Keep in mind some people are just so good defensively they can do lvl 100 grifts without all ancients and lots of paragon, no caldessan recipe's. It's a matter of getting to know the game, all its enemies attacks, and how to elude them. This isn't the best build for that. Blood Rush works ok, but the damage reduction in the build isn't great. Looking at your build you are a ways away from being at all safe on 70. I find it takes a billion toughness to be safe ish on lvl 80. 2 billion on 90. That's if you want to tank or aren't good at avoiding attacks. It's tough for people to give much advice without watching you play. 
For all we know you aren't corpse lancing, scything and cursing enough to take advantage of your belt and the 4 set bonus. Endless walk gets stronger while running for your life and is always helpful. But at well under 800 paragon, with only those 3 dmg reductions you are pretty darn vulnerable. You would absolutely have to try and keep the 4 piece dmg reduction at max (25 hits every 15 seconds), or get it there asap once you start a new battle. You would absolutely have to curse an enemy around you as quick as possible, if the cursed enemies die, you need to curse another of course. Damage reduction is much more important than vitality, life %, resistances and armour in the end game. Especially with other builds that have both more and more powerful dmg reduction bonuses. But for you right now in this build, ancients, more paragon, higher toughness stats will make a big difference. At no point in any build is it ok to be 1 shot by attacks that aren't the most powerful in the game. 
This build is great for offence, so for now while you slowly lvl up, sacrifice some offence for some defence by changing your gear a bit. Some of your rolls you re rolled are offensive. Don't sacrifice much intelligence as it helps with resistance and offence. Between that, a few resist all rolls you can't change right now, and your esoteric you are pretty good for 70 on elemental damage. But you desperately need more armour, vit and life %. Cooldown is huge, end game wise, but for now maybe switch some of it on your non ancients to defensive rolls. Once you get the ancients you can look for that again for endgame goals. As you will have higher toughness rolls from ancients to lessen the toughness blow. Maybe for now use a death cheat instead of the 1% dmg per cursed enemy passive. 
There isn't much out there for what to do while getting to the end game builds suggested for us. But it's about balance. Offensive and defensive balance. If you can do lvl 80 offensively but can't do lvl 70 defensively, balance it. because 78 is better than 70. That entirely useless movement speed off hand can be beaten. I'd imagine that one is absolutely for end game, for now just replacing that with a shield or more defensive legendary ability would be a good option too. Stormshield Stormshield  see the melee dmg reduction. An ancient with 10% crit ch or cooldown(one offence helper is always good), vit, int and armour or life % would be huge. Could even combine that with a justice lantern instead of CoE if you either don't make much use of the CoE cycle or don't need it as much as defence. 

These builds are all end game. Most of them are not ideal until near perfected, like this one. You aren't supposed to have ideal gear at this point in your build and you don't. Don't need resource cost reduction, could probably lose a resist all, and should tweak it to your liking for balance until further along in number of ancients, paragon and even caldessan recipe's. By no means does anyone have to follow these cookie cutter builds the whole way through, and in some instances, they are not good until they are good. Armour is huge for you, it doubles thanks to your passive. You don't have enough vitality or total life, but a bit more of that and quite a bit more armour would get you plenty safe at 80. Provided you put a big emphasis in play style on your dmg reduction buffs. An ancient weapon is the biggest one thing to help any builds offence. If you get one of those, you won't even notice the loss of offence to balance the build. 

It's all up to you really. You can change things up for now for balance however you please, or wait until the build is perfected slowly. Or of course you can do both, just cuz you change it up for a bit doesn't mean you can't keep trying for better end game cookie cutter gear for your stash. 

Once you are close enough in toughness, each little bit makes a big difference. It won't take much to go from almost a tank to a tank at any given lvl. But while being 1 shot it's hard to see how far away you are from ideal toughness. It could just take the off hand shield, it could take more. Also the shield from the life per second leg gem is not bad. But if you consider it get it pretty high up first. 

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I suggest trying the off hand shield and then going from there. It would be a huge difference defensively. 2000 armour for starters. The off hand you have is not of much importance to the build, seems more of a not much better options for end game, so go with more movement speed kind of choice. But at end game you got lots of life and armour, right now you don't. Also a good shield will be somewhat easy to find using blood shards. It will mostly stick to the few you can wear with this class. It's only 25 each try, and it shouldn't take long to get a good ancient one without terrible luck. 

Just that and the death cheat instead of the (mediocre to great) dmg bonus passive. Which I'd only switch back once not dying often. After that you can probably get back to business and find that ancient scythe, other ancients, push higher and really progress. 

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