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More 40man Class Vs. Class Rextroy Videos

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Rextroy has continued his big clash series as he pitted even more classes against each other on the grounds of battle, getting some large scale stereo-slaughter going. While this isn't quite the "which class is better" scenario, due to all the lag, disparate item levels etc, it's still a fun series of events and feels very old-school MMO, back when there wasn't really much content being fed to players so they had to make their own fun in a big open world.

This time around we have Warlocks, Mages, Hunters, Druids, Demon Hunters and, of course, Rextroy's mainstay, Paladins taking the fight to one another as well as a more general "tanks vs. healers" clash and a bit of an extra that doesn't quite fit in at the end there: 40 healers vs. fatigue!

First off we have the GPU/CPU melting showdown between the flashiest of classes, the ranged caster effects nightmare that is 40 Warlocks vs. 40 Mages!



Time for another epic 40 v 40 battle! This time it will be a showdown between two of the mightiest spellcasters. The mages, which prefer the usage of Arcane. Against Warlocks who drain their powers from fel... Who will be the supreme sorcerer?

SPOILERS ----------- It appears that Warlocks will win in a 40v40 battle... if the goal is to wipeout the enemy team. You could clearly see the first and second major fight that the warlocks had the lead (check Reinforcements). However some Warlocks started leaving even when we had the lead. Mages were also able to push us back since they had the nearby graveyard controlled (which reduced the time it took for them to reenter combat quite considerably). The BG itself was won by the mages...

In future 40 v 40 I will most likely stick to Alterac Valley, since there won't be any Demolishers which could change the outcome of the battle. And AV is a lot more about killing and less about destroying a gate! Reason I choose Isle of Conquest again was for the change of scenery possibly with Workshop / Docks and also Hangar. Perhaps in AV we could fight for Snowfall graveyard next?

Btw don't judge my Warlock gameplay... I am 257 ilvl and quite trash at it!

Then it's on to a more nature-themed clash as 40 Hunters mistake 40 Druids for regular animals and try to make them their pets. Hilarity and slaughter ensues.



Next up in the epic 40v40 showdown... Hunters VS Druids. Can the hunters tame the wild, or will they be swept away?

SPOILERS --- As many assumed, Hunters got kinda slaughtered by the combined might of multidoting, healing, and supreme frontlines (in the form of tanks). It was still a really epic battle, sadly the hunters combined burst wasn't enough....

Then let's take a little break from the class warfare and take a look at the outlier of the group, as we get a more non-class specific showdown with the two harder roles in WoW. Can tanks make it through without the support of their healer soulmates or will the healers wear them down eventually? Well, apparently we can't really tell as lag made the fights somewhat problematic and some people left during the fight, but it's a fun watch nonetheless:

While the Mages vs. Warlocks one featured computer-side issues this next one was particularly laggy it seems, as the Light doesn't have very good netcode. Let's blame Uther for not updating his network protocols more often.



Well, this felt even worse than the 40 Pala vs 40 DK one. The lag makes it really hard for us Paladins to get any real pressure in (while the druid side had a lot more ranged, which gave them an easier time).

SPOILERS ---- Druids were victorious, but us Paladins started off really well and even got the first blood. Sadly the Druids were able to withstand us and slowly wither us down by AOE dots and such. We also lost a few Paladins during the lagfest, which made further attempts to prevail futile... Felt like a really balanced setup however, shame about the lag! Perhaps 40 Druids VS 40 Shamans or 40 Shamans VS 40 Paladins will be the next hybrid setup!

We then have a bit of a drop-off in attendance, which actually made things more bearable when "only" 60 people showed up for this fel-infused showdown. It was time to replay that Illidan vs. Gul'dan battle on a more massive scale, as it seems Demon Hunters had a particularly bad Bird Box challenge headband-over-eyes day, when they mistook 30 Warlocks and their pets for the actual Legion.



This time it will be a smaller raid size. Reason being that we weren't able to find enough. Aswell as we would be able to have the fight with a bit less.... lag Will Demon Hunters be hunters... or prey to the Legion?

Spoilers ------- It appears that Warlocks are really strong when it comes to these large scale battles. They have so far defeated both Mages and Demon Hunters. It appears they are quite good at leaving battles early, even when they are winning however!

And finally there's the bonus video, showing us what we've always wanted to know? I mean, I know I've been laying awake at nights thinking who would win between 40 healers and fatigue. Now sure, technically fatigue always wins due to gear durability becoming an issue, but this is more theoretical and was also set up as who could survive the longest out of the raid members. Turns out we did have some winners!



Time for something different. In this video we will be doing an event when 40 healers face off against eachother to see who, will be the one to survive the longest! Can you guess what class will come out on top?...

Spoilers ----- It appears that Pack Spirit is way stronger than I thought. I knew it could be really great in fatigue, but didn't assume it could boost you single handely when you were equiped with full gear... 20k HPS seems a bit over the top I decided to pick 4 people who did something extraordinary and got really far:
Mysalim (Echsenkessel) and Oggyoggyoggy (Outland) could both have survived infinitely (or well, atleast until gear broke). So they both defeated fatigue even if Oggy were the one to win the faceoff at the end.
Kalunah (Ravencrest) did a really great performance, good usage of abilities and managed to get really far in each battle, while still being equiped with full gear.
Thogrim (Argent Dawn) were really clever and did some cheesy strats. Reducing max HP to get damage taken from Fatigue lowered! I approve. He also managed to win the battle second round.

Thanks everyone who participated! Plan to have a lot of fun challenges in the future ahead

And that's it for this roundup and I'd like to thank Rextroy for hosting these events. As I mentioned at the start it really takes me back to some older MMO times when players had to create their own fun and the concept of the genre was more of a world than a constantly updated content sponge that it is today (although I do enjoy both types of game, it's just that the older style is less represented nowadays). We do tend to forget the "world" side of WoW and a lot of players tends to focus on endgame and item levels only (which isn't their fault, obviously, it's just how most modern games are structured) and ignore everything else, when there's a whole lot of fun waiting out there for creative enough people.

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On 3/3/2019 at 1:52 AM, Starym said:

We do tend to forget the "world" side of WoW and a lot of players tends to focus on endgame and item levels only (which isn't their fault, obviously, it's just how most modern games are structured) and ignore everything else, when there's a whole lot of fun waiting out there for creative enough people.

Couldnt have said it better.

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I think Hunters vs Rogues or Warlocks would have been better. Still awesome to see all those traps go out before the fight though.

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