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Brawler's Guild in Patch 8.1.5 (Official Preview)

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A new Brawler's Guild Season awaits in Patch 8.1.5. Check out the official preview for more details!

In the new Season, you will need to solve a mystery revolving around the Brawler's Guild Quartermaster as you fight your way up the ranks. New rewards include faction-specific ensembles, tabards, as well as Bruce Bruce, the all-new crocolisk mount!

Bruce (Alliance Version)


Bruce (Horde Version)


Check out our Patch 8.1.5 for more information about the upcoming update.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

While you’ve been out playing pirate on the shores of Zuldazar and dancing through the fields of Drustvar picking flowers, the Brawler’s Guild has been hard at work training up their fighters and finding new contenders for you to face. But are you going to be ready to take them on after all of that downtime you’ve had vacationing in the islands?

Location: Brawl’gar Arena in Orgrimmar or Bizmo’s Brawlpub in the Deeprun Tram
Entry Requirements: Level 120 and either a Blood-Soaked Invitation or Brawler’s Pass

Rising up the Ranks

When you accept your invitation to brawl, you’ll find that the guild has shaken up their rosters a bit. In the arena, you’ll face foes both new and old as you battle to reach the prestigious Rank 8.


There are many new faces just waiting to pit their skills against yours within the Brawlers’ Guild including:

  • Farmer Xiang-Su
  • Hyper Mega-Mecha Seagull x9000
  • Mama Stormstout
  • Ouroboros
  • Phillip Carter Tracey
  • Robe-Robber Robert
  • Spymaster
  • Thog Hammerspace
  • Tidemistress Shellbreaker

You’ve Got a Mystery to Solve

There’s more going on at the Brawler’s Guild than electrifying fights between competitors in their prime. A mystery is afoot, and after you’ve shown a bit of prowess in the arena, you’ll be tapped to help solve it. You’ll need to claw and carve your way to the truth using your keen intellect, astute powers of observation, and—of course—by punching a few things along the way.

The fate of the Brawler’s Guild lies with you!

New Rewards

If you’ve always wanted to ride Bruce around, here’s your chance! The guild’s chompiest contender is now available as a mount. Saddle up at your own risk.

  • High Roller's Contract High Roller's Contract (100 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to Slick Bixi at Brawl’gar Arena or Harold G. Goldsprocket in Bizmo’s Brawlpub to enable a game of chance for 30 minutes.
  • Bag of Chipped Dice Bag of Chipped Dice (100 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to a Brawl’gar Arena Grunt or a Bizmo’s Brawlpub Bouncer to enable random brawl mode for the next 30 minutes.
  • Blood-Soaked Angel Figurine Blood-Soaked Angel Figurine (250 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to Esme Sunshadow in Brawl’gar Arena or Lidiya Peyton in Bizmo’s Brawlpub to buy a graveyard inside the Brawler’s Guild for the next 30 minutes.
  • Brawler's Potion Dispenser Brawler's Potion Dispenser (500 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to Brawl’gar Arena quartermaster or Quackenbush or Dershway at Bizmo’s Brawlpub to buy a keg that dispenses free potions to all players for the next 30 minutes.
  • Rumble Card: Grief Warden Rumble Card: Grief Warden (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a deadly, hulking moose. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight.
  • Rumble Card: Penguin Stampede Rumble Card: Penguin Stampede (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a flock of slippery penguins. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight.
  • Rumble Card: Battle of the Brew Rumble Card: Battle of the Brew (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a group of pandaren to a rickshaw-pulling competition. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight.
  • Rumble Card: Senya Rumble Card: Senya (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a very hungry hippopotamus. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight.
  • Rumble Card: Stranglethorn Streak Rumble Card: Stranglethorn Streak (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a series of beasts from Stranglethorn Vale. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight.
  • Rumble Card: Mindbreaker Gzzaj Rumble Card: Mindbreaker Gzzaj (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a maddening herald of the Faceless Ones. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight.
  • Rumble Card: Mazhareen Rumble Card: Mazhareen (500 Brawler’s Gold): Purchase this card to challenge a deadly spirit cat. All players in the queue get to participate in this fight.
  • Free Drinks Voucher Free Drinks Voucher (1,000 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to Bruno Flameretardant at Brawl’gar Arena to buy 3 minutes of free drinks for everyone!
  • Zeppelin Rental Form Zeppelin Rental Form (1,000 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to Kergil Sparkwrench at Brawl’gar Arena to buy 10 minutes of free zeppelin rides for everyone! (Horde Only)
  • VIP Room Rental Form VIP Room Rental Form (1,000 Brawler’s Gold): Deliver to a Boom Room Bouncer at Bizmo’s Brawlpub to buy 10 minute of the free VIP room access for everyone!
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1 hour ago, Sharknad0 said:

I F****** hate the Rumble cards. Get rid of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The queue times are far worse 😛. It's single-player content and you still need to wait in line for your turn. Spectating should be optional 😛. Thoughts?

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3 hours ago, Stan said:

The queue times are far worse 😛. It's single-player content and you still need to wait in line for your turn. Spectating should be optional 😛. Thoughts?

I don't mind *some* Q times, it's cool to watch other players, either to help them or to learn from them.  But the Qs got loooooong.  They supposedly capped the number of participants in each shard to 5, but I definitely had 8 or more sometimes.  And 5 is too many.  3 would be a good max.

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On 3/6/2019 at 2:11 PM, Stan said:

The queue times are far worse 😛. It's single-player content and you still need to wait in line for your turn. Spectating should be optional 😛. Thoughts?

I agree with the terrible queue times, but the rumble cards pissed me off to no end. It never gave me credit for killing the boss. I still had to complete it solo, so it was a waste of time. Most of the time, 3 people just stand there or get themselves killed right away, so you try completing it, only to have wasted the 2 minute timer and lose all your buffs from death. I think it should just go away.

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    • By Stan
      Players were not able to complete Glory of the Eternal Raider until the most recent hotfixes went live yesterday and with it, the first batch of players have earned their Azshari Bloatray mount.
      Blizzard fixed Fun Run and If It Please the Court yesterday and not too long after that, 洋洋丶相濡 and his group managed to get claim the world first Glory of the Eternal Raider and got their mounts. Congratulations!

      The following achievements are required for Glory of the Eternal Raider:
      You and What Army? (Abyssal Commander Sivara) Intro to Marine Biology (Blackwater Behemoth) Fun Run (Radiance of Azshara) Simple Geometry (Lady Ashvane) A Smack of Jellyfish (Orgozoa) If It Please the Court (The Queen's Court) Lactose Intolerant (Za'qul) The Best of Us (Queen Azshara) Azshari Bloatray
      "The naga raised these rays in captivity, harvesting their gas organs to craft alchemy which allowed them to breathe air more easily."

      Thanks to @Nightswiftyfor providing the info!
    • By Starym
      The very first day of the Mythic Eternal Palace progress race was an interesting one, as it stood in stark contrast to the last big raid we had, with only three bosses down! The last larger raid, Battle of Dazar'alor, had 9 bosses, but 8 of them were cleared on the very first day, and while Crucible of Storms was much better in that regard, with only two bosses it was hard to judge what it meant for future pre-endboss difficulty. Today we've seen some serious opposition in the form of Lady Ashvane, the Eternal Palace's fourth boss, who has definitely proven her worth to Queen Azshara and then some, as she's defended the Palace very well and left the bosses dead count on 3 for day 1.

      The US part of the race started on time and we had Limit and Big Dumb Guild go for it from the very beginning, with Limit taking the first and second kills of the raid - downing Abyssal Commander Sivara and Radiance of Azshara first. But it was actually BDG that got to that 3/8 first, as they used a different route and went from Sivara to Blackwater Behemoth, whom they killed World First, and then cleared Radiance of Azshara some 10 minutes before Limit downed Behemoth.

      It seems 10 minutes was the standard gap between kills, as both guilds were only alone on 3/8 for  another 10 when Midwinter joined them, with Vision and Blood Legion arriving at the same place 10 minutes after that. Intern Made This Boss and Nerd Crew were the next two to join the top group, but the 3/8 cluster stopped growing for a couple of hours after that.

      Lady Ashvane proved to be quite the wall as the top guilds eventually went for Heroic splits for more gear, but still failed to down her before they finished up for the day, making her join the Restless Cabal as the hardest non endboss encounter in BfA so far. She still hasn't died so it seems likely she'll take that throne away from Cabal soon, but we've yet to see what the EU guilds throw at her. We know Limit got Ashvane to 27% with a 20% shield as well.
      Interestingly, at the end of the day we had the most guilds with three bosses down at 46, with 24 on two and 34 ith one. It's now time for the EU servers to come up and for Pieces and Method to have their clash, with the possibility of some new EU contender jumping to the top instead.
      You can follow the Eternal Palace race in many places this time around, from Method's site progress coverage, to the two live stream events hosted by Red Bull and Method as well.

    • By Stan
      Mythic World First Race starts today, the first Raid Finder Wing of The Eternal Palace is now available, Blizzard announced Class tuning that will go live after maintenance, and you can easily gear up your alts with Wrath Timewalking.
      Table of Contents 
      Mythic World First Race Raid Finder Wing 1 Now Open Class Tuning Hotfixes Mythic Keystone Affixes Weekly Quests Nazjatar World Boss World Events Mythic World First Race 
      Race to the world first starts today. Method's going to start streaming tomorrow. They're hosting their own event after having split up with Redbull and Redbull's doing the same thing over on Twitch with Big Dumb Guild and Limit. We're going to be covering the race on a daily basis, so stay tuned for updates.
      Raid Finder Wing 1 Now Open 
      Players of item level 380 and higher can now queue up for The Grand Reception to defeat Abyssal Commander Sivara, Blackwater Behemoth, and Radiance of Azshara. All bosses drop ilvl 400 loot.
      Abyssal Commander Sivara Blackwater Behemoth Radiance of Azshara Class Tuning 
      We've got adjustments to PvP, items, and more going live this week after maintenance in your region. You can find a the full notes here. In addition to that,  Focused Azerite Beam (Essence of the Focusing Iris) has been nerfed by 15%.
      Blizzard deployed some hotfixes to live servers last night and you can find the notes here.
      Mythic Keystone Affixes 
      This week's affixes are:
      Tyrannical Raging Explosive Beguiling Weekly Quests 
      Complete 5 Timewalking dungeons for A Frozen Path Through Time to earn Cache of Palace Treasures and 750 Artifact Power. Collect 36,000 Azerite from Island Expeditions for Azerite for the Alliance & Azerite for the Horde to receive 3,500 Azerite and 1,500 reputation with Honorbound/7th Legion. Nazjatar World Boss 
      Players can defeat Wekemara this week. The boss drops ilvl 415 loot.
      Tidal Lurker's Greathelm Naga Ritualist's Mantle Spitcharged Shoulderguards Chestguard of the Submerged Belt of Rising Guardians Deepcaller's Clasp Serpentskin Splashers Wekemara's Warboots Shockbiter's Fang World Events [Return to Top]
      Timewalking Dungeon Event (July 16th - July 23rd)
      This week's great for gearing up your characters. With Season 3, the item level of Timewalking loot is up to 395, you can get ilvl 415 gear from Ulduar Timewalking, and the vendor sells ilvl 380 pieces for Timewarped Badges. Click here to learn more about Wrath Timewalking!
      While this event is active, players level 81 or higher may access a special Timewalking Dungeon Finder queue, which scales players and their items down to revisit past dungeons from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. While Timewaking, bosses will yield loot appropriate for a player's natural level.
      During Wrath Timewalking, you may assemble a raid group of between 10 and 30 players, travel to Dalaran in Northrend and speak with Vormu to access a Timewalking version of the Ulduar raid.
      PvP Brawl: Classic Ashran (July 16th - July 23rd)
      Aucton House Dance Party (July 22nd)
      The main auction houses in Orgrimmar and Stormwind have been cleaned out and turned into Dance Parties for the day! Crowd on in and show some faction pride!
      You can find a list of all events for July 2019 here.
    • By Starym
      Eternal Palace Race Day 1: 3/8 Down, Ashvane Stands + Kill Videos ______________________________________________________
      The Eternal Palace Mythic progress race has begun in the US and OC regions and we already have three bosses down, with 7 guilds on 3/8! Big Dumb Guild and Limit are fighting neck and neck at the very top at the moment and you can watch all the action live!
      This post will also be the main hub for our own coverage of the race, consisting of daily summaries, videos and updates on what's going on.

      Blizzard has written up a post about the race, covering both the Method and Red Bull streaming events and you can also check out our previous posts on both events here and here.
      Race to World First (source)
      The race to see who can be the first to defeat Azshara in her Eternal Palace begins this week with the best of the best wading in to the depths of this epic raid to see who can make it across the finish line first and claim the World First!
      Live from Redbull’s Gaming Sphere
      Pieces and Limit, take to the big stage at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere on July 16 to begin their quest to be the first to defeat Queen Azshara in her Eternal Palace.
      All the action will be brought to you by world class broadcast talent, including Rich Campbell, Daniel ‘AutomaticJak’ Anzenberger, Caroline ‘Nagura’ Forer, Jack ‘Jacky’ Peters and more.
      Beginning Tuesday, July 16, Limit will start off the race at 8:00 a.m. PDT and will be followed by Pieces at 4:00 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, July 17. Where to Watch: Red Bull on Twitch Follow on Twitter: Red Bull Esports, Pieces, Limit Learn more on Redbull.com  
      Method's Live Stream
      Live from Take TV in Germany, gaming guild Method will be hosting 24/7 coverage of the race to world first in The Eternal Palace featuring multiple guilds from all over the world (including Alpha, Ji Tian Hong, Skyline, Aversion, From Scratch, vodkaz and Big Dumb Guild), more players onsite than ever before, your favorite WoW commentator line-up from the community, and much more!
      Stream begins at 6 a.m. with a pre-show event on Tuesday, July 16. Where to Watch: Live on Method's Twitch Channel Follow on Twitter: Method Learn more on Method.gg
      Whose team has what it takes to take it all the way to Queen Azshara and defeat her within her seat of power? Only time will tell.
      The race has begun and this is where you can check out links to all our daily summaries.
    • By Stan
      There was a bug with the Conflict and Strife Essence earlier today. 1,000 PvP rating is needed to unlock Rank 2, but players who opened their PvP Chest and met the requirements didn't receive anything after maintenance. A hotfix went out to fix the issue and all you need to do is log out and log back into the game to trigger the fix.
      Conflict and Strife is a PvP Essence gated behind Season 3 in Rise of Azshara. It allows you to use a predetermined Honor Talent in PvE. You can find out more about Essences in our Heart of Azeroth Essence guide.
      Blizzard (Source)
      The tool tip for Conflict and Strife says that you need to get Conquest cap to get rank one and for rank two you need 1k rating. I hit 1k rating before getting conquest cap so shouldn’t that allow me to skip straight to rank two? I pose this question because I only got rank one in my pvp chest and from my perspective it’s an error.
      About five minutes ago, we deployed a fix for the reward side of this. Players who opened their PvP cache earlier should log out and then log back into WoW to trigger the fix.
      Thank you!
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