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Toxic clan EU/PC recruting more members

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Toxic clan was created on season 15. We have managed to build a friendly, helpfull and active community and planning to grow more. We are a fun, Friendly and mature clan that doesnt allow any Toxic behaviour. We mainly play EU seasonal/softcore PC version. We have a mix of experienced players from all over the Europe who want to support each other and have Fun togther. Many of us have been playing together for years allready. Some of our members like to push to the leaderboards and some like to enjoy the game more casually. We rather like to have 30 nice and active players than a 100 inactive players.

For now we are looking for people who share the same values and ideas about the game. Active players who want to be part of building a nice growing community. We would like you to play most of the season and not stop after 1000k paragon.

We have a couple of rules that need to be upheld if you wish to join in our clan.

1. We prefer to be on discord as much as possible. Thats where we post stuff and go for a laugh.
2. Have/make some speed meta and higher greater meta group characters.
3. Ask clannies first for grouping.
4. Have fun and dont be toxic to anyone.
5. Let us now when you are not gonna play for a couple of days. YOu will be removed after few weeks of inactivity if you haven't informed that you can't play for any reason.
6. Be 18 or older.
7. No botting or Thud

We expect everyone to respect these rules, otherwise this is not the clan for you.

We are the clan for you if you are looking for some nice folks to chat with and share some nice moments with friends.

If you want more info or are interested in joining:
-pm ingame (even if offline, will answer asap) or 
-react to this post on the forums or
-pop on the twitch chanel 

Best Regards,
Melvinius (The Toxic Clan Leader)  Melvinius#2655


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