Evil Eye and the Cooldown mess

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Right, so, Evil Eye of Galakras. I hate this trinket. First of all, it still has never dropped for my guild on 10-man normal, so I'm stuck with the flex version. But worst of all, it completely screw up the alignment of all my cooldowns.


Previously, I could nicely combine Dragon Roar with my Engineering Gloves and Bloodlust. And I could fit combine these three with Recklessness and Skull Banner every third time. Now, my gloves no longer line up with DR. SB and Reck are completely out of sync, and Storm Bolt doesn't nicely tie in with Colossus Smash, making me having to delay it more often than not.


Yesterday, I started looking into using Weak Auras to track all the different cooldowns, which definitely takes some getting used to, but I'll manage. However, tips or good WA strings for Fury would be appreciated! But even if I do manage, I am at a loss how to use all the CDs optimally.


In short fights (say, less than 6 minutes), I assume I should use Recklessness and SB together always, while on longer withs I can use SB3x and Reck 2x (coinciding twice). But what about my gloves and DR? Use both on cooldown? I feel my DPS is lacking for my ilvl, so I'm really looking to optimize here.


For those interested, here's my armory link:


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As long as you have upgraded your Flex EEoG, the optimal use for Banner/Reck is to use reck on cooldown, and delay Banner for every other reck.


You still want to use your engineering gloves on CD, and ideally right before a CS (macroing them to CS isn't that bad of an idea) and DR on cooldown, either right before or right after a CS window.


That's about it really. You might have to unmacro some abilities that are macroed together, but other than the Reck/Banner subtlety, it really just stays the same in the way you want to use all your cooldowns as often as possible.


Hope this helps, and if you have more questions feel free to ask :)



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