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Lining up cooldowns with AoC (Sin)

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Hello everyone,


Just started playing my rogue again after quite a while. I've geared him up to the point where I'm not ashamed of him, and I think my assassination rotation is pretty solid, but I'm having one problem. As soon as I got a flex AoC, my cooldown usage went to hell. Normally, I would have popped synapse strings, vendetta and shadowblades all at the same time at the beginning of the fight, and then just linked them up within their respective windows throughout the fight.


Now though, I find myself saving my synapse springs for vendetta and shadowblades a lot. This means I'll be able to stack them together, but it also means I'm not optimizing my use of synapse springs. Is this an issue that's been discussed at all?

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AoC flex doesnt mess up that bad as the LFR version, but still it's missing something. Only when I got the normal version was I feeling benefits from my CD rotation.


With a normal trink, my Vendetta falls down to 1m40s and my SB to 2m15s(approx). Synapse remains unaffected, so 1min. I pop everything together, 1min later synapse is up again in which point I use it, and by the the time SB is back up I can repop everything.


This is fairly useful on fights like garrosh where I can pop Vendetta twice and Synase 3 times before I'm ported to the other zones and still have all CDs ready for burn time when you meet Garrosh upstairs (when all he does is the purple cone aoe dmg).

Also reduces my CoS CD to a point where I can avoid all dmg from iron star/whirling corruption. (and other mechanics like every splash from immersius)


So yes, in a way you're stacking them together more often, but still doesn't undermine your synapse in a way that you lose that much dps from it. Yes, you are waiting around 10 - 15secs for your SB to be available, but the total dmg you gain from popping all those together will compensate the few secs you waited. Especially if you time your synapse with a 5cp rupture.


Edit: Also, vendetta lasts 30sec (given you're glyphed, if you're not, you should.). While you're waiting for SB to come up you can pop vendetta and cast SB+Synapse 15 secs after (since SB lasts 12s and synapse 10s you'll still get all 3 at the same time if you wait no longer than 18secs). But I'd just wait and stack them up really..

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