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Uncommon Premium but still seeing ads

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Uncommon Patron

I have an annual uncommon premium subscription, but I am seeing ads on the site.

For a while, I didn't see any ads and the site was so much more responsive and didn't bounce about while ads changed. It was epic.

I have logged out and logged back in with both the latest Edge and Opera browsers with both username and password and Facebook SSO. I have clicked the Go Premium button at the top and it takes me to my subscription page where I can see that I am subscribed. Nothing I have tried makes the site recognize that I am a premium patron.

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Hey there! There's currently some issues with the site's premium service, but it's the middle of the night for EU (where most of our team that can handle it is based), so we won't be able to get a fix up for a few more hours at least until they wake up. I'm really sorry for the issues, but it should be fixed within the next day at most.

Sorry once again!

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This is fixed now. It was all my fault.

We upgraded the PHP version that our server is running yesterday and in doing so I was prompted to apply changes to a config file of the forum software, so I just overrode that file with the file the forum software gave me. It turns out that this file also contained all of the configuration values for our premium plugin.

So the premium plugin started working erratically. Premium members were treated as non premium members and non premium members were treated as premium members. Premium members couldn't create new subs or access their sub details.

To add to the problem, I received the first complaint late in the afternoons (so hours after I did the update). The devs are also working on some premium changes these days and I thought they had pushed an update that caused this, but they had already left work. As a result, we didn't investigate until this morning, when I realized that no changes had been done to the premium plugin and that the switch to PHP 7 had to be the reason.

Please accept our apologies and rest assured that we'll be more diligent in the future ?

PS: We're still having that javascript issue where posting a message seems to hand on "Saving...". We're investigating.

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