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[WW] In dire need of critiques and DPS help.

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I was recently contacted by an Officer in my guild requesting I up my DPS significantly since I'm simming 300k but only doing 260-280k







A few things I have thought of changing up is, dropping FoF completely, trying to line up TeB with trinket better since right now I'm using it basically when I hit 10 stacks (8/10 times it lines up with my trinkets anyway)


I've tried CB but find I cannot adapt the to slower pace of the rotation. And I don't believe to have enough gear to reach the haste point comfortably.


I think personally that I have hit the plateau for my gear, until I upgrade more gear, I simply cannot preform any better. That still doesn't explain why I am simming over 20k dps higher than what I am capable of doing.    

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Hey Viskah,  Few things i noticed by looking at your armory you have more then enough gear to go for at least 10-11k Haste. If you want to be competitive in dps you should switch to Chi Brew it beats Ascension by a lot now . Red Sockets you should have 160 Agility Gems,Yellow sockets you should go Orange gems Agility+ Haste and drop as much mastery as you can. Sim's are broken for Wind Walker Monks. If you have more questions you can add my battletag: Tolzzy#1389

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