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Holy - Infusion of Light Question

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I just started playing again after a lengthy break, but I noticed in the Holy Paladin guide it says you want to use Infusion of Light procs on Flash of Light, providing your mana can cope. Just wondering why this is? I assume there's either something I'm missing, or the guide is out of date, but whenever I have an Infusion of Light proc, Holy Light is faster, heals for more, and costs less mana. I'm also only level 112 right now so the numbers are low, and I'm thinking perhaps something changes with certain Azerite Traits later or something.


Flash of Light (with proc):

1,865 Mana

1.3 sec cast

Heals for 5,119


Holy Light (with proc):

1,102 Mana

0.86 sec cast

Heals for 6,140


So, yeah. Holy Light just seems more efficient in every way to use an Infusion of Light proc on. Just wondered if someone who knows more than me had insight, or if there was just a patch the guide wasn't updated for.

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What you are seeing is one of two things:  It could be that you have War Mode enabled and the Light's Grace PVP talent selected.  That increases the healing done by Holy Light by 50%.  Alternatively, it could also be a factor of level scaling (though I don't think so I honestly can't say that I've tested the scaling between 110 and 120 very much).

As for the cast time:  While Holy Light's cast time is shorter than Flash of Light it is still restricted by the Global Cooldown in a way that makes the casting speed of Holy Light irrelevant except in cases where you are worried about being crowd controlled or interrupted (such as PVP).  The game will simply not let you begin casting another ability before the GCD is over and the GCD time is exactly equal to the time it takes to cast Flash of Light.  Therefore it comes down to a consideration of HPS and Mana cost.  Flash of Light with an Infusion of Light proc is the higher HPS choice at 120 (without PVP talents enabled) and you should use it unless it will overheal or your Mana is a concern.




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Added HL/FoL Infusion Screenshots at 120 with War Mode off.
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Thank you that's a great explanation. Also you were right I had the PVP talent selected which is why I was getting those numbers, I forgot it boosted the healing. Thanks!

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