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Well, I am not going to say I looked very hard around, (shhh! I didn't) but I must say the new and improved Ask Mr Robot is certainly pretty and a whole lot easier to use. But I could not find where to sign up, nor the cost to get a single membership free of those horrible ads (I found guild sign up, but I am the only one in my guild). 


Nor could I find an answer to one other question - once I get a membership does that entitle me to be able to print out AMR's answer? (makes it a whole easier on a single monitor computer system.). 


I will admit, my lack of being able to concentrate could be a factor here in not finding the answers.  And for that I offer my heart-felt apologies to all the fine folks at AMR.


Thank you,


-wee "hanging my head in shame" willy, aka a whole bunch of others

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I'm from Ask Mr. Robot, and I love hearing that you like the new look. I have a few answers for you!


1. We tried moving the 'upgrade' button to the right of your account name. It shows up in the 'gutter' of the site, so if you have a very small screen, it might be getting cut off. Alternatively, you can go to your account page (click on your user name in orange, and choose 'manage my account.') At the bottom there's an option to learn more about premium,


2. About premium: This url tells you most of what you need to know (I hope!) I have a few other answers for you: we don't have a printer friendly format, BUT we imported it into the addon instead. Have you tried that feature (that's actually a free feature). More on that later. 


3. The cost is $12 a year (billed annually), or you can pay monthly for $2 every month. Also, everyone gets a free trial, with no credit card required. If we are telling you the free trial is up, I can reset it. A lot of people started a free trial a loooong time ago.


4. When you say horrible ads, do you mean the warcrafty ones, or the regular rectangle random product ads? The premium members still receive a very small 'warcrafty promo spot.' The reason for that is we have cool information to share with people, whether it's a tip for a feature, a cool article we found on a fansite, etc. But those are only 90 pixels tall or so, pretty small. Of course, premium members do NOT get regular product paid ads.


More about the in-game mod: once installed, you can go to our website and click 'optimize.' Then click the gray 'export to addon' button that is right above the stat section on our site. Copy that text and paste it into the mod - that will import your entire shopping list into the addon :)  Fancy huh?!  To get the mod, click the green 'install' button to the right of your character name on our site (or download it from Curse).


And last but not least, here's a little overview of the new ui.


Whew, hope that covers it!

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Hi Zoopercat - we have chatted before.  Thank you for your answer. I could not find that https://www.askmrrob...account/premium, so thank you for that link.  I get lost pretty easy when there is a lot of things on the screen. :) 


Thank you in advance.


-weewilly the private person who doesn't even own a cell phone

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