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Demonology Warlock Rotation TMW

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Here's my Demo TMW profile.


Includes rotation helper for single target.


  1. Demonic Strength or Bombers
  2. Demonic Calling
  3. Any
  4. Soul Strike
  5. Any
  6. Any
  7. Demonic Consumption or Sacrifices Souls


Assumes you have at least one Explosive potential trait.

To move around left-click and drag resource bar.

Tyrant rotation only activates if target has more than 1500k health. Adjust that, if you want, in group conditions.

Pre-cast Demonbolt not included.

Any tips and suggestions are welcome

To install:

  1. Install TellMeWhen addon
  2. In game type in chat /tmw
  3. Right-click on any icon or bar
  4. Paste the string in "Import/export/restore" field
  5. Click "Import/export/restore->From String->Profile-Demo->Copy Profile







  1. Tweaked rotation for higher dps.
  2. Added GCD bar



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