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Protection Warrior Weapon help

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This evening, I received Hellscream's Doomblade on our Garrosh kill.  I have previously been using Xifeng, Longblade of the Titanic Guardian as my tank weapon.


I am unsure which item would be better.  Does the increased Strength and weapon damage on the Heroic Xifeng outweigh the extra gem slot on the heirloom weapon?  I value avoidance stats on my protection warrior - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/area-52/Crogoth/advanced .  I am leaning towards the Heroic Xifeng.


Any input would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

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Since the Doomblade can't be upgraded, I'd say the increased stats on a 2/2 heroic Xifeng easily outweight the extra gemslot.




A 2/2 heroic Xifeng has

+1004 Str

+1627 Sta

+736 Hit

+594 Mastery


That's 203 (-60 for the better setbonus on Doomblade) more strength, 186 more stamina, 112 more Mastery and 129 more hit/expertise than the Doomblade that can be reforged if you're over the cap.

Now I don't know exactly how much you value your avoidance, but I think I'd prefer those stats over any gem. But prot is my OS, so some actually knowledgable others may have something to say about this :D

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Taking into account gems & reforges, you should be able to get around 800 dodge/parry on the Doomblade vs around 600 on the heroic Xifeng. I think the better weapon damage and better stats all-around on Xifeng will outweigh the loss of 200 points of avoidance.

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