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MDI Spring Season Viewer's Guide

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The Mythic Dungeon International Spring Season starts tomorrow and Blizzard have a handy schedule for all the cups coming our way. The many teams that qualified through the Proving Grounds will be competing for a spot in each individual cup's top 8 which will then be streamed and commentated live every other week. In addition to earning a shot at the $12,000 per cup, players will be getting MDI points which will get them to the live cross-regional, in-person Spring LAN finals! We also get an overview of the casting talent for the season, so make sure to check out the full guide below.

Blizzard LogoMDI Spring Season (source)

The Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) is a global tournament where the top dungeon-running teams in the world use their skill, intelligence, and creativity to secure the best times possible in some of the most difficult Mythic Dungeons on offer. We are entering the first tournament of the year, the MDI Spring Season, so here’s a breakdown of what you need to know!

Many Turtles Made It To the Water

We opened the Proving Grounds and thousands of players around the world answered the call, completing five different level 14 Mythic Keystone Dungeons to earn their spot on the Tournament Realm. These players will have the chance every second week to compete in the Time Trials for their region, West (North America, Latin America, and Europe) and East (China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand). The dungeons and affixes are different for each Time Trial, offering new challenges and fresh chances to make the week’s Top 8, which will be broadcast live in the following languages:

Language Streams

MDI West: MDI East:

Broadcast Schedule

All MDI Cups will broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays local region time. See below for the broadcast dates and start times by region.

MDI Cup Pacific Time Central European Summer Time Korean Standard Time
West Cup 1 March 30-31, 8 a.m. March 30, 4pm* – March 31, 5 p.m. March 31-April 1, midnight
East Cup 1 April 5-6, 5 p.m. April 6-7, 2 a.m. April 6-7, 9 a.m.
West Cup 2 April 13-14, 8 a.m. April 13-14, 5 p.m. April 14-15, midnight
East Cup 2 April 19-20, 5 p.m. April 20-21, 2 a.m. April 20-21, 9 a.m.
West Cup 3 April 27-28, 8 a.m. April 27-28, 5 p.m. April 28-29, midnight
East Cup 3 May 3-4, 5 p.m. May 4-5, 2 a.m. May 4-5, 9 a.m.

* Central European Time

Each Cup will give players a chance to get their share of USD $12,000 prize money and MDI points. The top point-earning teams from the East and West will combine in a live, cross-regional, in-person Spring Season LAN final in June. This LAN offers a share of USD $100,000 in prize money, as well as a coveted place at the MDI Global Finals. We’ll share more details about the MDI Spring Season’s finals soon!



The bald and beautiful Ted “Sloot” Bacinschi has been playing World of Warcraft since the early days. He’s been raiding just as long, if you count stepping foot in Zul’Gurub, getting to the first boss and wiping over and over again. Sloot isn’t just a tank on the desk, he’s also a tank extraordinaire in game as a master of many tank specializations. An iconic figure in the North American and European PvE scenes, you can often find him streaming.

Hailing from Italy, Caroline “Naguura” Forer has come a long way from waiting for her brothers to get off the computer so she could log in and play her Paladin back in Classic. “When I couldn't play, I would just sit for hours and watch my brothers play, then jump straight on as soon as they left the chair,” she said. From Paladin to Druid and from healing to damage, Caroline grew up with the game and went on to establish herself at the core of the EU PvE scene. Now with years of experience, a multitude of World Firsts under her belt and her own forays into WoW esports (both competing and casting), she returns to the MDI casting team.

Daniel "AutomaticJak" Anzenberger has been raiding in World of Warcraft for many years  and is perhaps most well-known for his healing guides on YouTube and Wowhead, where he specializes in Holy/Discipline Priest and Mistweaver Monk play. He has been creating guides for over five years and enjoys sharing his knowledge and love of healing, so if you’re a healer looking to step up your game, or a tank/DPS looking to understand your healers more, AutomaticJak’s is the voice that will help you do that during MDI.

Aaron "Sours" Shaffer is a former competitor who played Hunter in the second Tespa Great Collegiate Dungeon Race in 2016 and MDI 2017.  He then transitioned into casting, helping to bring North American and Chinese MDI to your screens, as well as taking on a role as an analyst at the first ever MDI LAN.  He hopes to help highlight the skill and talent of the world’s best dungeon runners. His advice to the competitors is to "focus on your own game—it's not about who makes the first mistake in a race, it's about who makes the last".  His goal with the MDI program is for viewers to appreciate the time and effort that competitors put into optimizing their play when they stand at the top of the world.

Former captain of the 4-man MDI team Sinking Ship, and self-proclaimed #2 Balance Druid, Peyton “Tettles” Tettleton’s appearance on the MDI desk will be one for the ages. Overall, his goal for the broadcast is to help viewers understand what makes the runs successful. “There is a lot of nuance in Mythic Plus and being able to teach the path to victory for each team is important,” he said. You can catch him on his stream or on YouTube where he primarily focuses on PVE content. He also authors the Wowhead Balance Druid Guide. He loves a good-natured meme and ridiculous photos of himself photoshopped.

Rounding out the MDI desk team, Alex "Xyronic" Tatge is an Affliction Warlock extraordinaire. You can find his guides on Wowhead, where he breaks down everything a master of shadow magic would need to know, from talent builds, Azerite gear, spell rotations, macros and addons, Mythic+ guides, and more!

After existing for years as an invitational tournament, the Mythic Dungeon International is not just an expanded, worldwide, merit-based tournament—it’s a thank you to all the fans of dungeon running around the globe. We can’t wait to get started. To stay on top of Time Trial results each week and the MDI Cups, check out Raider.IO, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Twitch. We’ll see you in chat!

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      Notorious Combatant's Cutlass (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Cutlass (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Cutlass (Rank 3) 2H Mace -> Notorious Combatant's Deckpounder
      Notorious Combatant's Deckpounder (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Deckpounder (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Deckpounder (Rank 3) 2H Polearm -> Notorious Combatant's Polearm
      Notorious Combatant's Polearm (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Polearm (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Polearm (Rank 3) Shields -> Notorious Combatant's Shield
      Notorious Combatant's Shield (Rank 1) Notorious Combatant's Shield (Rank 2) Notorious Combatant's Shield (Rank 3) Mount Equipment
      Inflatable Mount Shoes
      Blacksmiths will be able to craft Inflatable Mount Shoes, which enable water walking.
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      Flasks, Cauldrons, and Potions obviously have three ranks. Rank 2 reduces the amount of materials needed to create them, while Rank 3 comes with a chance to create more of them. All new recipes require Zin'anthid, a new herb found in Nazjatar.
      Alchemist Stones
      Abyssal Alchemist Stone (ilvl 410) Crushing Alchemist Stone (ilvl 425) Ascended Alchemist Stone (ilvl 440) Cauldron
      Greater Mystical Cauldron Greater Mystical Cauldron Greater Mystical Cauldron Flasks
      Greater Flask of the Currents Greater Flask of the Currents Greater Flask of the Currents Intellect
      Greater Flask of Endless Fathoms Greater Flask of Endless Fathoms Greater Flask of Endless Fathoms Stamina
      Greater Flask of the Vast Horizon Greater Flask of the Vast Horizon Greater Flask of the Vast Horizon Strength
      Greater Flask of the Undertow Greater Flask of the Undertow Greater Flask of the Undertow Battle Potions
      Superior Battle Potion of Agility Superior Battle Potion of Agility Superior Battle Potion of Agility Intellect
      Superior Battle Potion of Intellect Superior Battle Potion of Intellect Superior Battle Potion of Intellect Stamina
      Superior Battle Potion of Stamina Superior Battle Potion of Stamina Superior Battle Potion of Stamina Strength
      Superior Battle Potion of Strength Superior Battle Potion of Strength Superior Battle Potion of Strength Potions
      Superior Steelskin Potion Superior Steelskin Potion Superior Steelskin Potion Critical Strike
      Potion of Focused Resolve Potion of Focused Resolve Potion of Focused Resolve Fire Damage
      Potion of Unbridled Fury Potion of Unbridled Fury Potion of Unbridled Fury Healing
      Abyssal Healing Potion Abyssal Healing Potion Abyssal Healing Potion Health Restoration
      Potion of Wild Mending Potion of Wild Mending Potion of Wild Mending Mana Restoration
      Potion of Reconstitution Potion of Reconstitution Potion of Reconstitution Primary Stat
      Potion of Empowered Proximity Potion of Empowered Proximity Potion of Empowered Proximity
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