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Necromancer Death's Bargain & Thorns Build

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The core of this build is life regeneration with the help of thorns and aura (oh Yes... Aura on necro).
First af all, I'm still testing it and I think it's an amusing build.

Please note that it will not transform you in an immortal hero, but at least using the very best equipment, just only staying alive, it deals an insane amount of damage.

All items in your equipment MUST be Ancient or Primal, because we need to use the Legacy of Nightmares rings set, and MUST HAVE Life regeneration!

We need to use the following Passive skills:

- Final service (oh you are death! Cheers it was a joke! Just run away for 60 seconds after proc!)
- Draw Life (rise up death's bargain damage)
- Grisly Tribute (HEAL! HEAL! HEAL!)
- Aberrant Animator (Why do you touch my pets?!?!? DIE! NOW!)

This is my list of preferred items:

- Andariel's Visage (cast a poison nova for every attack)
- Death Watch Mantle (trigger cast of fan of knives)
- Hellfire Amulet of Intelligence (add a passive skill to the other four used) or Moonlight Ward (give arcane shards that will heavily hurt)
- Tasker and Teo (Pets SPEED and Necromancer's HEAL!) or St. Archew's Gage (SHIELD!)
- Aquila Curiass (damage reduction) or Requiem Cereplate (Overflow of life)
- Wondrous Deflectors or Krelm's Buff Bracers (immunity to Knockback and Stun)
- Litany of the Undaunted
- The Wailing Host
- Dayntee's Binding (Damage reduction)
- Trag'Oul's Corroded Fang or Scythe of the Cycle (the one you don't equip will be extracted using kanai cube and selected as bonus)
- Golemskin Breeches or Death's Bargain (the one you don't equip will be extracted using kanai cube and selected as bonus)
- Iron Rose (Triggering of Blood nova benefits of Scythe of the Cycle damage bonus)
- Boots of Disregard (Encourage you to stop and wait for enemies to stay awhile and listen their death)

These are alternatives for third kanai equipment:

- Krysbin's Sentence (another insane bonus to damage)
- Briggs' Wrath (if you want enemies everytime near you when you stop moving, as Deckard Cain said: "If Muhammad does not come to the mountain the mountain goes to Muhammad")
- Rogar's Huge Stone (maximize damage waiting for Final service)

Legendary Gems:
- Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard
- Boyarsky's Chip
- Bane of the Trapped

- Diamond in helm
- Rubies or Amethysts in torso, pant and phylactery
- Topaz in weapon

Active Skills:
Mouse 1 - Syphon Blood - Blood Sucker
Mouse 2 - Bone Armor - Thy Flesh Sustained
1 - Command Golem - Bone Golem
2 - Command Skeletons - Frenzy
3 - Devour - Devouring aura
4 - Frailty - Aura of frailty

Paragon points


- Max movement speed
- Vitality
(No need for Essence and Intelligence)


- Attack Speed
- Cooldown Reduction
- Critical Hit Damage
- Critical Hit Chance


- Life Regeneration
- All Resistance
- Armor
- Life %


- Life on Hit
- Resource Cost Reduction
- Area Damage
- Gold Find

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