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Ritual of Summoning

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Word of Recall (OLD)Word of Recall (OLD) How does a Holy Priest cast the Ritual of Summoning? I click on the spell, it starts to form - but then what. How do I select the "target"?  It has a yellow "retrieve" icon but doesn't do anything. I put it on the person I want to come through, but nothing happens. 

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In order to summon someone at a Meeting Stone, you need at least two people. One summoner who picks a target and rightclicks the stone to form the portal, and one "clicker" who rightclicks the formed portal.

The Ritual of Summoning is a warlock spell that allows you to create your own summing stone. For that you need at least three people, one warlock to begin casting the spell, and two "clickers". After that, it works the same as the regular Meeting Stone.

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