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Did you stop playing after the e-sports cancellation?

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Hey guys,


I still think that HotS is the best moba out there. It's just such a shame the general moba community hates it because it's different.

I played the game since day 1 and I loved every moment of it. Better (and way more) levels, no stupid laning phases for 20 minutes and unique characters. 

I never really thought I'd stop playing until the game actually died. But when they announced the cancellation of the e-sports support it felt like the game instantly died for most people. I still play, but I'm pretty sure A LOT of people just gave up already.


What do you think?

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Heroes of the Storm Global Championship and Heroes of the Dorm being cancelled don't mean the game is dead, as we've seen that people are still holding unnoficial tournaments not funded by Blizzard.

It is sad indeed that Activision is cutting costs and butchered the HotS team, but they are still trying their best to keep the game alive and deliver content in a regular basis with balance patches, reworks, events, skins and new Heroes. Content is coming out at a slower rate? Yes, but better than nothing. As long the game doesn't go into maintenance mode, and as long the loyal fanbase still plays it, the game will not die.

That said, those unnaffected by HGC or HotD can still enjoy the game. Yeah, a lot of people are saying that the game is dead, but there are always those who can do nothing but complain. Heck, people have been saying that "WoW is dead" since The Burning Crusade, and yet the game still is there.

TL;DR: Been playing since the Beta, and I'll still play the game as long it is entertaining and my friends continue to play it as well. HotS is one of my favorite games, and I still have great times with it.

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