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Demo DPS improvement

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You start your DC preparation. Halfway through some raid mechanics cause you to break your rotation and lose EP. 

1. Should you ever delay tyrant to get EP buff back? 
2. Should you implode during tyrant uptime to refresh EP? 
3. Do any of the above depend on your EP traits stacks?
3. Does additional haste give any dps increase to your demons? 
4. What's the point of summoning dreadstalkers in tyrant prep phase? They don't do high enough damage that it would be worth delaying tyrant for several additional casts (I assume that, i didn't sim it, correct me if i'm wrong). Their main output is demonic core, which we are delaying anyway by tyrant.

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I assume you're talking about Demonic Tyrant setup.

1. The decision making usually revolves around how long that encounter/phase will last and if you end up missing additional tyrants.

If you dont, then the correct play is to delay Tyrant, get EP buff rolling again and setup your 2+ HoG Tyrant

(an example would be Mythic Jaina p1 when you usually get only 2 tyrants off and then you have an intermission which is basically dead time, making any tyrant delay during p1 not really impactful since you will end up with the 3rd tyrant off cooldown during p1 intermission) 

2. you want to refresh EP stacks during tyrant since the haste will benefit any other demons you have out on top of granting additional casts for the player

3. It basically boils down to how much damage you gain from the additional haste vs imploding 1 set of imps asap during tyrant, which is generally the best option unless you have just 1 EP

3b. Pets and guardians update dynamically with player stats, so yes they do benefit from the additional haste

4. Summoning dreadstalkers during tyrant prep allows you to extend them, making that cast do more than twice the damage. (12s baseline extended by 15s with 15% additional damage bonus)

Demonic Cores at the end are just a bonus, something that you cant really make use of in the first tyrant preparation phase -unless you run a long opener, but its generally worse-

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