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Patch 8.2: Pocket-Sized Computation Device (Customizable Trinket)

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In Rise of Azshara, you will be able to customize your trinkets using various punch cards.

Check out our Rise of Azshara Content Preview recap for more information about Patch 8.2!

Blizzard today unveiled an interesting addition in the form of customizable Mechagon-themed trinkets. What you'll get is basically a trinkets with no stats and three sockets, also known as punch cards:

  • Red Punch Card Socket comes with various "Use" effects or passives, like the ones you have on your usual trinkets.
    • Subroutine: Overclock
      • Chance on damage or healing to gain 10% Haste.
    • Harmonic Dematerializer
      • Use: Deal 7,363 damage to target, and amp Harmonic Dematerializer's damage to similar targets.
    • Cyclotronic Blast
      • Use: Channel a cyclotronic blast, dealing 21,010 damage every 0.5 sec or 2.5 sec.
      • Requires Rustbolt Resistance - Revered
  • Yellow Punch Card Socket resembles a Jewelcrafting socket, and increases two of your secondary stats.
    • Forceful Adaptable Logic Board
      • +311 Critical Strike, +93 Versatility
    • Forfecul Refined Logic Board
      • +311 Critical Strike, +93 Mastery
    • Optimized Efficient Logic Board
      • +311 Mastery, +93 Haste
  • Blue Punch Card Socket provides utility, like increased lung capacity, the ability to track Mechanical ceatures, and more.
    • Supplemental Oxygenation Device
      • Equip: Increases your lung capacity by 1000%.
    • Remote Circuit Bypaser
      • Equip: Gain a Remote Circuit Bypaser, empowering your ability to manipulate Mechagon foes.
    • Friend or Foe Identifier
      • Equip: Track nearby Mechanical creatures.

It's very likely that blue punch cards that increase your secondary stats will be craftable by Jewelcrafters in Patch 8.2. Other punch cards (Cyclotronic Blast) will be gated behind new 8.2 factions. Punch cards posted here are just examples that we've got from the recap and you can find a full list in this article.


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    • By Starym
      Day 2 of the race was quite a sight to behold, as the race unfolded in a very exciting manner, with the three top guilds all going in very different paths and Method and Limit biting at each other's tails throughout the day. In the end, Lady Ashvane and Orgozoa both fell and we ended up at 5/8, but let's start at the beginning.
      Wednesday is EU day in the World First race and the folks on this side of the Atlantic didn't disappoint, as Method and Pieces shot up to 3/8 very quickly and arrived at the first actually difficult boss in the raid: Lady Ashvane. After some exploring of the fight and knowledge of how Limit and Big Dumb Guild went at it, Method and Pieces made very different decisions, with Pieces opting to go for Mythic+ clears to get some more gear and Method thinking they could take Ashvane down with the gear they had, providing they got some good rng. Progress on the azerite Lady took quite a while and Limit came back from their sleep break, continuing their Heroic splits for a little while. So we now had the three top guilds in three completely different states, with two farming different sources and one going at the boss.

      (Timestamp 16:32:03 in case it's not working for you)
      As you can see from the above, Method were right to believe they could take it as-is, and got the World First and 4/8 just before 8PM CEST.
      However, it didn't take Limit that much longer, despite their splits, as they also took Ashvane down two hours later. While Pieces still hasn't taken the fourth boss down, it doesn't mean they're as behind as it seems, as they spent the day gearing up in M+, without having to "spend" their Heroic clears. Now that the strategy to downing Lady Ashvane is clear, they can just swoop in and execute it, while before they went to M+ they didn't seem to have a good grip on what strategy or comp to use for the encounter, which would mean they'd have lost a lot of time figuring it out. They finished the day at 27% on Lady Ashvane.

      And so, on we went to the fifth boss, jellyfish central, aka Orgozoa. Method and Limit progressed on the boss pretty similarly, with the EU guild ending their day at 50% and the US being at 47% at that time. As Limit are on a US raiding schedule (obviously), they had a lot more time to go at the boss after Method went to sleep and kept pushing pretty hard into the night. Meanwhile, the Asia guilds finally got access to the raid, and also very quickly moved to 3/8, with only Skyline actually deciding to progress on Lady Ashvane, while Alpha and Ji Tian Hong went to farm gear. Midwinter also secured a World third, as they were the first guild to down Lady Ashvane after a long gap between the first two kills on the little mermaid villain and the third.
      Limit kept on getting closer and closer to the kill, pretty consistently lowering the bosses health through many wipes, and landing on 12% for quite a number of hours and around 4% for a few more. In the end, though, after having switched to a 5-heal composition, around an hour ago they finally broke through and managed to get their third World First of the raid, downing Orgozoa and heading to 5/8! While they usually stop raiding around when they killed the boss, apparently the adrenaline is pushing them on so they are still raiding now and might be for a while more, as they think there's a chance that the Queen's Court might also fall soon, based on PTR testing and the pulls they've done so far. Considering they've already gotten the Court to 45%, they may just be right.

      (Timestamp 14:12:10 in case it's not working for you)
      And so the day ended up being very hectic, as Method fought back immediately after they got to enter the raid, but Limit returned to the top spot once more at the very end of their day 2. Two more bosses died in the grand scheme of things, leaving only the Queen's Court, Za'qul and the Queen herself alive in the Palace. Let's see how day 3 goes, whether Method can come back and get another World First, what exactly Pieces will be doing and if they can catch up in time, and just what will be happening with the Asia guilds and their two day disadvantage.
      We now have 1 guild with 5 bosses down, two with 4, a crazy 216 on 3/8, 83 on 2/8 and only 110 on 1/8!
      As always, you can follow the race on Method's site, their event stream or Red Bull's!

    • By Starym
      In a new initiative, presumably to make LFR a more smooth experience, Blizzard have posted very quick overviews of the first three fights in the Eternal Palace. We have some great Abyssal Commander Sivara, Blackwater Behemoth and Radiance of Azshara illustrations to help get the basics from the dungeon journal down, and it looks pretty damn nice!

      In case you need more detailed guides, however, or need some beyond the first three bosses, check out our Eternal Palace guide as well.
    • By Starym
      The hotfixes aren't stopping and they aren't getting much smaller either! Today we have a few raid tweaks and a whole lot of Operation: Mechagon changes, more essence tuning, and a whole lot of quest fixes.
      July 17 (source)
      Creatures and NPCs
      Data Discs are now considered unique and the Data Anomalies spawned from them reward loot once per day. Data Anomalies now signify they are Rare Bosses in their nameplate if a player has already looted it that day. Dungeons and Raids
      Azshara’s Eternal Palace Lady Ashvane Fixed a bug that could cause Rippling Wave to spawn underground. Queen Azshara Overzealous Hulk gains Infuriated after the first crowd control effect on it expires on all difficulties. Fixed a bug that could cause Lightning Orbs to not display a destination visual before dealing damage. Operation: Mechagon Several enemies have been adjusted. Gnome-Eating Slimes’ Acid Splash damage reduced by 10%. Heavy Scrapbot and Malfunctioning Scrapbots’ Gyro-Scrap damage reduced to 25%. Pistonhead Blasters’ Shoot damage reduced to 75% weapon damage and Run ‘n’ Gun damage reduced to 50% weapon damage. Pistonhead Scrappers’ Sledgehammer reduces armor by 10% per stack (was 20%). Scrapbone Bullys’ Shockwave damage reduced by 20%. Scrapbone Trashtossers’ Throw Trash damage reduced to 100% weapon damage. Scrapbone Trashtossers’ Throw Trash cast time increased to 2 seconds (was 1 second). Weaponized Crawlers’ Scrap Cannon damage reduced by 15% and Zap Damage reduced by 20%. Fixed a bug that caused targets of Mechagon Renormalizers’ Shrink ability to take increased threat. Fixed a bug during the King Mechagon encounter that caused players to be stuck in limbo if they fell off the platform during combat. Items
      Heart of Azeroth Conflict and Strife (Essence) now uses a character’s specialization PvP talent icon as the active ability button. Resolved an issue that caused some abilities granted by Conflict and Strife (Essence) to be taught to a character twice. The Ever-Rising Tide’s (Essence) Overcharge Mana stacks can now be removed by dispels (e.g. Dispel Magic or Purge ). Fixed an issue where The Ever-Rising Tide’s (Essence) Overcharge Mana sometimes granted a stack for a spell cast immediately before it was activated. Fixed a bug that caused Unholy Death Knights’ Essence of the Focusing Iris (Essence) Azerite Beam to be interrupted by the Helchains Azerite Trait. Pocket-Sized Computation Device The Cyclotronic Blast Red Punchcard’s on-use ability can now be interrupted during its cast or channel and can no longer be used while affected by Hex . Player versus Player
      Warrior Fury Battle Trance now properly triggers from Raging Blows buffed by Whirlwind . Players no longer gain the Deserter debuff when exiting the Classic Ashran brawl. Fixed an issue that caused some PvP talents to display in the chat window that they have been learned when entering PvP combat, or have the PvP talent through Conflict and Strife. Quests
      Players can now find even more Coral Ancients to slay for “Bounty: A Few Coral Ancients ”. "Certified Pre-Owned " can now be completed on any day, not just on the day a player receives the quest. Added more dead bots for players to find during “Chopped Bots ”. The rideable direhorn’s Charge ability again destroys barricades during "The Direhorn Mother's Fury." Fixed a bug that caused some players who were on an earlier step in the Heart of Azeroth questline to gain access to the Repaired Chamber of Heart before it was appropriate. Players who found themselves in this state can now exit the Repaired Chamber of Heart and interact with the Titan Translocator to gain access to the appropriate Chamber. Fixed a bug that allowed Death Knights to Death Grip Stolen Part Crates during “Knock 'Em Out The Box ”. “Large Storage Fragment ” can again be completed after slaying the Balnazzar Data Anomaly. Victory in the Classic Ashran PvP Brawl now properly awards credit for “Something Different .” “The Soulbinder” now completes after killing Ulmath. World Quests
      Creatures now properly display mouseover tooltip information for relevant targets during “Summons from the Depths”. Previous hotfixes.
    • By Stan
      Players were not able to complete Glory of the Eternal Raider until the most recent hotfixes went live yesterday and with it, the first batch of players have earned their Azshari Bloatray mount.
      Blizzard fixed Fun Run and If It Please the Court yesterday and not too long after that, 洋洋丶相濡 and his group managed to get claim the world first Glory of the Eternal Raider and got their mounts. Congratulations!

      The following achievements are required for Glory of the Eternal Raider:
      You and What Army? (Abyssal Commander Sivara) Intro to Marine Biology (Blackwater Behemoth) Fun Run (Radiance of Azshara) Simple Geometry (Lady Ashvane) A Smack of Jellyfish (Orgozoa) If It Please the Court (The Queen's Court) Lactose Intolerant (Za'qul) The Best of Us (Queen Azshara) Azshari Bloatray
      "The naga raised these rays in captivity, harvesting their gas organs to craft alchemy which allowed them to breathe air more easily."

      Thanks to @Nightswiftyfor providing the info!
    • By Starym
      The very first day of the Mythic Eternal Palace progress race was an interesting one, as it stood in stark contrast to the last big raid we had, with only three bosses down! The last larger raid, Battle of Dazar'alor, had 9 bosses, but 8 of them were cleared on the very first day, and while Crucible of Storms was much better in that regard, with only two bosses it was hard to judge what it meant for future pre-endboss difficulty. Today we've seen some serious opposition in the form of Lady Ashvane, the Eternal Palace's fourth boss, who has definitely proven her worth to Queen Azshara and then some, as she's defended the Palace very well and left the bosses dead count on 3 for day 1.

      The US part of the race started on time and we had Limit and Big Dumb Guild go for it from the very beginning, with Limit taking the first and second kills of the raid - downing Abyssal Commander Sivara and Radiance of Azshara first. But it was actually BDG that got to that 3/8 first, as they used a different route and went from Sivara to Blackwater Behemoth, whom they killed World First, and then cleared Radiance of Azshara some 10 minutes before Limit downed Behemoth.

      It seems 10 minutes was the standard gap between kills, as both guilds were only alone on 3/8 for  another 10 when Midwinter joined them, with Vision and Blood Legion arriving at the same place 10 minutes after that. Intern Made This Boss and Nerd Crew were the next two to join the top group, but the 3/8 cluster stopped growing for a couple of hours after that.

      Lady Ashvane proved to be quite the wall as the top guilds eventually went for Heroic splits for more gear, but still failed to down her before they finished up for the day, making her join the Restless Cabal as the hardest non endboss encounter in BfA so far. She still hasn't died so it seems likely she'll take that throne away from Cabal soon, but we've yet to see what the EU guilds throw at her. We know Limit got Ashvane to 27% with a 20% shield as well.
      Interestingly, at the end of the day we had the most guilds with three bosses down at 46, with 24 on two and 34 ith one. It's now time for the EU servers to come up and for Pieces and Method to have their clash, with the possibility of some new EU contender jumping to the top instead.
      You can follow the Eternal Palace race in many places this time around, from Method's site progress coverage, to the two live stream events hosted by Red Bull and Method as well.

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