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Hi there, I am fine tuning my rouge in terms of reforging and gemming. Here is the link to my armory



I pull good numbers, top 2 for single target (Nourshen, Sha, Juggy, etc) and top 5 for aoe dependent fights.


However doing shadowcraft earlier today it had alot of gemming and reforging suggestions. For the most part it seems to be reding the gems, which i know i need to do. To agi/hit instead of mastery/hit. And drop some of the mastery reforges to crit/haste. What are thoughts on dropping some mastery for the others?

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I've found Shadowcraft to be tricky. I'll come up short somewhere or over somewhere else. Then again SC, AMR and WRF are all different in their recommendations, as was reforge-lite addon before it went boom.


From what I have seen, most assassin guides put all agi reds into red slots, using the orange gems for yellow slots and either purple or green for the blues. Gone are the days of Cata where the gemcrafters had bags full of orange, green and purple and now have tons of reds and blues, still making a lot of mastery and haste yellows.


Don't be afraid to tinker with your stats. I do it all the time. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Goroka/advanced is my combat spec. Ignore the assassin off for now as I'm playing around with pvp min/maxing. 

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Hi Maboc. 


Since I have not tried it myself, does that gemming actually work for you in DPS terms?


My suggestion is to go for these gems if you're going for high mastery:

Blue: - Glinting - Agi/Hit

Red: - Delicate - Agi

Yellow: - Adept - Agi/Mastery


Agility is insane for Assassination and Sub since it increases all damage and gives crit.

Give above recomendations a try and you will se that sub 35% health your damage will be a lot higher. 


Also, since you have the cloak, give Haste>Crit>Mastery a chance on some singletarget bosses. 


Only Combat should use pure secondary stat gems in yellow sockets.(Haste)


My armory (Combat):



Good Luck!

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Am I missing something here? OP is on assassination spec and has T16 2PC bonus, which he should go crit>haste=mastery.

I'd recommend going:


RED: pure agi.

YELLOW: pure crit if above 560 (only IF you have T16 2PC bonus which you have), agi/mastery if below

BLUE: would depend on your current setup. I have more than enough hit so I put a pure crit on my Reality Ripper Ring. But if you're below hit reqs (which is really improbable) then go for agi/hit.


As for reforging, your current setup has too much haste on it, you do not need 37% haste due to Venomous Wounds and T16 2PC bonus. Those should compensate when you diminish your haste. Ideally you should be around 27% and 29% haste, never more.


About crit, I do not know how much is enough (as stated on a prev topic I made) but I'm standing now at 41.5% unbuffed.


Try that out and let me know how it "feels" for you, works wonders for me.


Check out my armory if you want some referencing or something wink.png




EDIT: btw, I see you have plenty hit gems on you, maybe to save from reforging, but you're losing a lot of agi due to the fact that agility cannot be reforged in, so you're basically missing out on a lot of agility. Get your hit from reforging and boost up your agi from gems!

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Thank you for the suggestions. I did some dummy testing before regemming and after, they seem to be fairly in line with each other. We shall see after tomorrow tho, today we did our farm raid and tomorrow we will do progression. Will see what happens with the numbers.


The armory link is uptop if you want to see what I have done.

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