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How you can help improve our guides

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We strongly encourage you to discuss any guide present on our website, regardless of what topic it is on. We greatly appreciate user feedback and always have. Many of our guides have reached their current state thanks to the important contributions of our readers.

That said, please understand that we reserve the right to choose the content of our guides at our own discretion. While the point you are making might be entirely valid, there could be a plethora of reasons why we deem that it should not be included in the guides (too specific, difficult to verify, redundant, exploitative of a fight mechanic etc.) and we would ask you not to be upset if this happens.

Finally, if you do have an objection to make to one of our guides and would like us to fix it, we would appreciate it greatly if you could substantiate it using some kind of proof. For example, rather than saying "actually, the boss doesn't cast X spell in normal mode", it is better to include a combatlog of the encounter so that the information can be thoroughly verified.

Thank you for your understanding.

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