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[A] [Stormrage] <Costa> Recruiting for Mythic Progression

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<Costa> - Stormrage is currently looking to fill our roster with progression minded players for as we gear up to enter the new raid in 8.2!

About- <Costa> was originally founded on deathwing during vanilla and is actually still alive and well. We do not ever plan on leaving that guild behind as the history of the guild tells a story of who Costa is. We have raided through every expansion and have alway been pushing ourselves to get better as time has gone on. On top of a focused raid team we transcend those limitations of a “workplace” guild and have grown into a family over the years. The move to stormrage is a result of the low alliance population and the difficulty of finding quality raiders to progress through mythic raiding. We are currently 2/9 in mythic BoD and 9/9 heroic.

Raid times: Mythic:

Tuesday/Wednesday 8pm-11pm central (might be earlier in 8.2 tbd)

Optional/alt raid: Friday 8-11pm central

Roles needed: (based on priority)

Hunter- 1x (high)

Elemental shaman- 2x (high)

Boomkin- 1x high

Priest(shadow, holy or disc) - 3x high

Pally(heals) 1x High

Pally(ret offspec prot) 1x medium

Monk(MW) 1x high

Mage: 1x medium

Warrior (fury offspec prot) 1x high

Mythic+: We also encourage all of our members to participate in mythic + dungeons and reaching an io score over 1000 as we feel that when you push higher keys it inherently makes you a better “mechanical player” however this is not required. We are currently taking applicants as trials through our farm bosses to gauge skill and attitude to ensure that we create a cohesive skilled team that operates in a friendly, comfortable environment.
Should you wish to apply please reach out to one of our officers or leader listed below and include a link to your profile on the warcraftlogs website for us to look over your raid experience. Discord contacts: Leader - Fate#0112 Officer - Jarle#4554 Officer - koinman25#7180

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