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Crucible of Storms M Race Day 7: 24% Method, 26% Aversion, 33% Exorsus, 34% Alpha

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We were getting some pretty consistent progress each day in the race, as we saw 10-ish percent go down for Method a couple of days in a row now, but today they had a bit of a stalemate. Having lost a number of their raiders to the final MDI Spring Cup (which they won), Method remained on their best try from the previous day, a 24.5% one. We still don't know Pieces' exact numbers, but there are rumors/comments that they're as low as 19%, which would make the two top guilds very close indeed.
Here's that Method try from Sunday:

Of the others, we have German guild Aversion in third place (presumably) who had an impressive 30% try on Sunday, but then topped that with yesterday's 26.3% one! Let's take a look at both:

We then have Exorsus a bit of a way further behind, with their best try at 45% on Sunday, but they also are getting closer and closer to Method, Pieces (presumably) and Aversion, with yesterday's 33.5%.

On the Asia side of things we have Alpha once again dominating the field, and also being pretty close to the top, especially considering their 1-2 day disadvantage. They also had a 34% wipe yesterday, which you can check out right here.

And so we have the top 4 (that we have info on) all within 10% of each other, with Aversion only 2% behind Method, and Pieces presumably even a little bit ahead of them all. With today's hotfixes/nerfs to Uu'nat, making his abilities overlap/quickly follow each other less, we might be seeing a kill pretty soon, which would coincide nicely with Jaina's demise/retreat, on the 7th day of progress.


And finally, we have Method Josh's comments and thoughts on the difficulty/fairness and tuning of Uu'nat and how it compares to Jaina's, with a pretty well captioned clip title:

Uu'nat has so far taken Method 520 attempts, compared to Jaina's 346 and,  and the 654 for the hardest boss in a long, LONG time, Tomb of Sargers' Kil'jaeden.

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On 4/30/2019 at 7:52 AM, Starym said:

Tomb of Sargers'

Wow, Sargeras' name/prestige really took a nosedive after the Titans one upped him in Legion. ?

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