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Incursion in Zul'Gurub PvP Community Event, May 5th

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One of the best things in WoW is when players get together and do something creative with the game that wasn't designed or planned or intended by the developers, when communities use the World of Warcraft to do interesting things. One such event is coming soon, as there's about to be an incursion of the PvP variety in Zul'gurub, with level 20 characters!

The event takes place on May 5th and is looking like it'll be a whole lot of fun and mayhem, using the entirety of Zul'gurub's architecture for the action, trying to catch and kill the opposing faction's leader. The folks at Wow20 took quite a bit of time and effort to organize the event, so a big thanks goes out to them for investing in the WoW community and creating new and different thing for us to enjoy.


It seems the Alliance is aiming to retake the entire Eastern Kingdoms after their sort-of victory at Lordaeron, and Sylvanas has called the Horde to take a stand in that no longer Hakkar infested Zul. Obviously the only heroes up for this particular task are fresh recruits, as the veterans are off in Zandalar and Kul Tiras fighting tentacled monsters, so level 20ies will have to do the job!

The wallpaper for the event is damn impressive on its own.

As far as specific rules go, the game starts with the attacking team at the entrance of Zul'Gurub while the defending team has to bunker up in the temple of Bethekk. The attackers have to find a way to enter if they want to kill the enemy leader. Everything is allowed: items, toys, consumables and mounts.


As you can see from the glaived fellows above, the event starts this Sunday, May 5th and since it's all level 20ies, anyone can play, regardless of subscription. Just create a new starter account (or use an existing one if ya have it) and get to leveling before Sunday! Those of you that have a subscription can just roll an Allied Race on the day and be ready to go. All you have to do is join the discord so you can be invited to the action:


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I love these events. Running of the Gnomes in particular.

So easy to do I'm sure I will be joining, and my son will probably want to go as well since its just make a dude and go.  

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3 minutes ago, Foxie12 said:

So NA servers then? Might be worth mentioning that. 

Indeed, it will be on European servers for this event. But our community gathers 228 American players as well, and we plan to do several US events in future. Don't worry, we do both sides!

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55 minutes ago, Foxie12 said:

So NA servers then? Might be worth mentioning that. 

yeah i joined their disc to ask before setting a guild event on my guild calender for it and found out 

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56 minutes ago, Shardi said:

yeah i joined their disc to ask before setting a guild event on my guild calender for it and found out 

is it NA then? It says Europe on their twitter ? 

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