Frost Mage: Dps woes...

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I'm at 548 gs and my dps has stalled.


I may embarrass my self here with my noobish knowledge, but here we go...


I can burst up to 200k+ but then i drop back down to a sustained 170k sometimes slightly lower, im convinced i should be capable of more.


What i am aware of:


  • No legendary cloak.
  • No KTT,
  • No BBOY
  • 2 Timeless Items
  • Not all items upgraded (im working on the valour points.)


I've looked at akraen's gear guide and tried the haste build to a soft cap of 14242, but i found reaching that soft haste cap with the gear i had at the time was not great for my other stats, namely crit and int.


So im currently on a mixture build.. or my own bastardised version of a mixture build and sat very snug between haste soft caps.


When i acquired the 4pc set i replaced:


Reading the guide i judged this the best option as i have no warforged pieces, am i right?


And finally i recorded a Malkorok LFR fight, which i dont think shows my rotation in a favourable light, but something to see regardless.


So i guess my overall question is:


Is my dps most greatly effected by the lack of the bullet pointed items above, or am i slacking with my dots and rotation to a point where it wouldnt matter?


Perhaps both?


Cheers D.

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Permission denied

You do not have the required permissions to view this report. ^.^


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-Invoker's energy uptime 63% (!) despite you using evocate 5 times during the fight, you need to be a lot more serious about keeping it up but not using it when you shouldn't.


-Bomb uptime 87%, that's too low on a fight like Malkorok. You should also snapshot it during big procs if you're not already doing it.


- You're using your BF & FoF procs, are you using ice lance right after the instant frostfire bolts though ?


-Presence of mind isn't that great, although I guess on Malkorok 25 it's okay.


-Ice barrier is always a dps loss.


-Using slow fall shouldn't be necessary and is a dps loss.


- Are you using Icy veins + alter time correctly (as in, before the end of all your major procs/potion) ?


Your gear optimization is also (very) lacking, I advise you to update your gemming & reforging as per ask mr robot

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Thanks for replying.

  • Ok, so talents i've switched.
  • im pretty sure icy veins and alter time are being used when they should, maybe there's an occasionaly slip that i look out for.

As far as the gear optimisation goes, im abit lost. Ive tried reforging with the mixture build  in the past with AMR values:


Haste to cap: 3.8

Mastery:        3.45

Haste:           3.38

Crit:               1.0



but i just feel this has not worked with my gear, and im still wondering whether to use the 4 pc set over these.


As in whether the 4 set bonus is more worth while than the random pieces that i have below.


So atm my reforging is a mess till i know which items i should be wearing.

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You are 0.59% above hit cap, essentially wasting other secondary stat.

If you can reach 14242 haste points, reach it. If not, reforge back to 12684 and prefer mastery then.

Yes, you should wear the 4pc.


PoM is an awful talent for Frost mage. The other two are considerably better.

Temporal shield is the best choice on any fights in SoO over Ice Barrier.


Glyph of Water Elemental is a waste on Malkorok. Rapid Displacement would mean soo much more benefits.


FCoR is an AoE trinket which I could only imagine to be effectively used, is Galakras. Try to get rid of that as soon as possible.


You had 63,4% Invoker's energy uptime, which is very bad and a huge DPS loss. It shouldn't really be hard especially on that fight to keep it up ~97%.


87% Living Bomb uptime could easily be 97% and with snapshotting this could be a big increase as well.


Slow Falling meant like 10 seconds of doing nothing to you in the fight. If you get pushed up in the air, use Blink immediately, and you are staying on the ground.


You used Alter time BEFORE Icy Veins, essentially wastin 14 seconds of your most important DPS cooldown twice.


While you would never use PoM as a frost mage, but I would like to point out, that you could have used 2 PoMs in a row with Alter time, if you popped PoM BEFORE Alter Time.


Are you benefiting from the 2pc bonus at its max potential most of the time? (Using the 2pc bonus on a Brain Freeze FFB or FoF Ice lance?)


Overall I would say you had a bad Invoker's energy uptime and bad cooldown usage. Actual gameplay problems affect your DPS much more than gearing, which is a great excuse for that most of the times.



In AMR Make sure to set your target haste breakpoint to manual... ^^

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We were happy to help you :) In case you still have questions, don't be affraid to ask :)

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