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Potential Team Comp

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So just wanted to run a potential team comp for you guys and see what you think as far as strength/weakness and how it would do over all....
Varian - Fury build, w/ Banner of dalaran
Imperious - Angelic Armaments Build
Jaina - Frost bolt Build
Kel-Thuzad - Blightfrost build
Uther - Holy Radiance Build

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Double Mage comps are tricky if your frontline doesn't have enough CC and peel to prevent attacks to the backline. Given that Imperius is a Bruiser and Fury Varian acts as a Melee Assassin, your team would lack a proper tank to the peeling.

Still, this team can probably work fine in Quick Match, specially in 2-lane maps, but I can't really recommend it for Ranked.

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