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(N)10 Man Retribution Raiding Paladin - Questions

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Hey guys. I'm new to the Forum here but I use Icy for everything character related and then imply my own in game knowledge as to how I play my class.


Here is my Armory link. Armory


What I want to know is. When I get inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_03.jpgThok's Tail Tip. How much crit will I need to work towards getting once I achieve 40% haste?


Feel free to give any input on what you see in Armory if anything could be better. I'm happy with my numbers while raiding I'm just curious about a few things when it gets down to the finer tuning of my stats.

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I think I've given a lot of people the wrong idea by saying crit becomes better than mastery. That would only be inclusive with single target fights. Crit would destroy, you'd see great numbers by going crit>mastery@40% haste. But since most fights aren't single target only, and have adds, unless you're able to get another set, go for mastery over haste, it's much more effective with divine storm than crit, and it's especially powerful with the t16 4pc.

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