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In need of some serious help please.

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So I have been playing a rogue sense the beginning and never really struggled till now. I am playing assasination and shadowcraft has me at 190k dps but in relaity i pull around 130k-150k on fights depending if there is aoe or not. I notice that shadowcraft is buggy right now seeing as if you push optimize then reforge more than once it never planes it just keeps having you change things.


Here is my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Saiuh/simple

and here are logs from last nights raid: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-5d7objqg8xldswse/


im confused on when to use my cd's also I have an extremely hard time keeping envenom up 100 percent of the time while keeping rupture on the target mainly due to never haveing enough energy.


If someone could clairify for me what I need to fix so my raid leader and his gf dont boot me from raid that would be awesome. It does suck cuase I do know rogues are very gear dependant always have been while my gm is a mage in lfr gear pulling 200k and his wife is a hunter in lfr gear pulling 200k too. Just makes me look bad i guess.

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Pretty simple fix here.  You are reforging out of mastery and into haste.  Since you dont have the T16 2 peice and no Ledgenday cloak you need ot keep all teh mastery you have and reforge out of crit to haste.


Once you get two peice then you you reforge Crit Mastery Haste  /  Once you have two peice and ledgendary then you reforge Crit Haste Mastery  Still Gem for haste though (I find it gives the rortation a bit more smoothness). 


SnD - Your a tad low on shamans and low on Nazgrim...98% Jugg and  Shamans was like 91%.  Shamans should be like jugg.  it's 8% but thats a good bit of DPS.

Nazgrtim you were at like 70 something %  that needs to be a bit higher too.  I know there are down times like with Galakras (which is why im not going to talk aboutthe 50% uptime on that fight.) But you should try and refresh Snd before leaving defensive stance if it's liess than 15 sec till expire. If it is > 15 sec left then wait and then just refresh it on the adds.


On the opener

Trixtank  -> change focus to higest non pet assisted DPS

Pre -Pot

Break stealth  - Mutilate

Mutilate till 5 CP's then Rupture

*****Keep rupture and Snd up 1005%or as close to that as possible

Once you rupture you shoudl get a CP to to or 3 off proccs and use those to SnD

If no Proc then Mut and then SnD


Now Pop any trinkets  Vendetta and SB {(might want to macros those together)

Try and envenom as much as possible and leave teh last 3 to 4 sec of shadow blades so you can mut to build 8 to 9 cps'


Try and keep 8 to 9 cps during the fight to help you with those tricky Envenom and rupture moment wherew  within a second of each others expires together.


Pooling energy - If you have 8 to 9 Cp's  and envenom is up and ruptureisup and SnD are upand your just like man I want to smpam something.....DON'T


Pool you energy and refresh envenom with 1 sec left so you get that one second of added envenom time.

Pooling is important. 


Its ok to spam Envenom whehn you pop SB butone you have 3 to 4 decleft of SB start thinking aboiut bulding CP's to 8 or 9.


Dont save Vendetta  for SB use aftert the first one use it on cooldown.


Thats it brah.. oh and make sure not to mut is Dispatch is ona BS proc.  And dispatch at 35% or lower.


If you do all that you should be fine...


By teh way once you start getting gear youll leave asasination and go sub/combat...then come back here and ask all ovr again.  CHEERS!

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