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Patch 8.2: Return of the Bodyguard System

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Rise of Azshara marks the return of Legion's bodyguard system. You will be able to recruit a bodyguard in Nazjatar to aid you in combat.

Bodyguards gain experience and you level them up to unlock new abilities. The first two abilities can be upgraded and only the third one is final. Alliance players will pick an Ankoan, whereas Horde needs to recruit Gilgoblins.


Alliance players can recruit an Ankoan to join them on their adventures in Nazjatar. The three Ankoan mobs can be hardly missed, they're standing there with a yellowish outline in Mezzamere.


Bladesman Inowari

Bladesman Inowari is one of the most skilled warriors of the Waveblade.

He is a stalwart defender and does not flinch in battle, even against overwhelming odds. A fierce opponent of the naga, Bladesman Inowari swore a blood-oath to defeat Queen Azshara or die trying.


  • Double Slice Double Slice - Slice enemies in front of the caster, dealing Physical damage.
  • Battle Call Battle Call - A strategic call that increases Dodge by 30% and reduces damage taken by 30%.
  • Wavedancing Wavedancing - Whenever you attack, your ally will strike the enemy with a powerful blow, disorienting them and dealing Physical damage.

Farseer Ori

Farseer Ori is a powerful shaman who commands the elements.

He is respected by his clan as a spiritual guide and seer. While the rest of the Waveblade clan have come to Nazjatar to fulfill a blood-oath to defeat the naga; Farseer Ori has been called to Nazjatar by Neptulon himself in order to serve the will of the elements.


Hunter Akana

Hunter Akana is an experienced hunter with excellent survival skills.

Born into a clan that was destroyed by the naga, he was forced to survive in the deep wilderness alone. Seeking vengeance for the deaths of his kin, he has joined the Wave Blade clan in their quest to defeat Queen Azshara.


  • Deep Stab Deep Stab - Stabs a target, dealing heavy Physical damage.
  • Eel Trap Eel Trap - Inflicts Nature damage to enemies caught in the trap and stuns them.
  • Fathomstalker Aura Fathomstalker Aura - Reduces the radius at which enemies can detect you and slightly increases your movement speed, and increases the damage you deal with Critical Strikes.


Horde players will have access to three gilblins.


You must click the giant conch in Newhome in order to recruit them, as there are currently no intro quests that introduce you to the system at this stage of testing. Thanks to Seksi for helping us figure this.


Neri Sharpfin

Neri was the first of the kelfin to escape, she unified the Unshackled and made a home for them.

She swore to keep going until all were free or the naga kill her. Neri has a lot of friends and she is hard to kill.


  • Deep Fangs Deep Fangs - Deals moderate Physical damage to an enemy.
    • Advanced ability Fins of the Deep at Rank 6.
  • Undercut Undercut - Deals light Physical damage to an enemy and disorients them.
    • Advanced ability Shiv and Shank at Rank 10.
    • Unlocked at Rank 3.
  • Strategic Sense Strategic Sense - Reduces the radius at which enemies can detect you and slightly increases your movement speed, and increases the damage you deal with Critical Strikes.
    • Unlocked at Rank 15.

Poen Gillbrack

Poen is a caregiver that likes to keep his friends safe and help wherever it is needed.

He hopes to be a hero for the Unshackled someday. If he can just get the hang of it.


  • Briny Bolt Briny Bolt - Deals Frost damage.
    • Advanced ability Big Splash at Rank 6.
  • Tidal Rain Tidal Rain - Creates a storm that heals allies and deals Frost damage to enemies.
    • Advanced ability Tidal Storm at Rank 10.
  • Undertow Undertow - A vortex of water roots enemies and deals Frost damage for 20 sec.
    • Unlocked at Rank 15.

Vim Brineheart

Vim is a little cranky and he may not have much to say, but he goes where the battle is thickest.

Vim has a very big best friend.

  • Shell Smash Shell Smash - Deals Physical damage and provokes an enemy.
    • Advanced ability Conch Smash at Rank 6.
  • Tsunami Slam Tsunami Slam - Deals moderate Physical damage and stuns enemies near the caster.
    • Advanced ability Maelstrom at Rank 10.
    • Unlocked at Rank 3.
  • Call for Help - Calls on a giant ally to aid the caster.
    • Unlocked at Rank 15.


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    Worthless??? What, even after I bought full bis 415 gear to test with (making me 420 ilvl average) the bodyguard was still absolutely destroying everything and keeping stuff CC'd for most of the time as well..I used Neri Sharpfin for horde testing and Hunter Akana for alliance testing. If anything I thought they were way more impactful than I expected, very overpowered CC and damage buff to you while serving as an extra body / damage source themselves. For extra fun try using Blood of the Enemy essence as your main essence too, making you do huge crits on demand in Nazjatar for INSANE dps! 😄 😄

    They are a pain to level though, at least early on, because the only quests that rank them up at that point (1/3 of the required for going to rank 2 for each) are the daily bounties from the board, available after you pick a bodyguard.

    Also, I expect them to not come with all abilities unlocked from the get go on live, but in their current PTR state you get everything as soon as you pick them up (even horde ones although it says otherwise when you are recruiting) and its insanely good!

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        Note that the model is not final and may change at any time throughout Alpha testing. The wings are slightly off right now and will likely be fixed in the next build.
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        It appears that Druids will be able to customize their Bear and Cat Form in Shadowlands independently of their weapons.
        Currently, on live servers, you need to transmogrify a specific Artifact weapon to get the forms you want.
        As of the latest Shadowlands Alpha 9.0.1 Build 34490, Blizzard added new options to the database of character customization categories that include Druid Bear and Cat Forms, suggesting that Druids may be able to transmog their forms independently of their weapons in Shadowlands.
        No new Druid forms have been added so far on Alpha, and we're not sure how the Firelands cat form would be handled, because it's been transformed into a toy (Fandral's Seed Pouch) and you no longer get it from Fandral's Flamescythe.
        Latest Shadowlands Alpha 9.0.1 Build 34490 News
        New Undead Customization Options in Shadowlands Oribos, the Eternal City Zone Preview Oribos Skybox Explained PvP Vendors Added on Shadowlands Alpha Transmogrify Each Shoulder Separately in Shadowlands Torghast Development Update: Build 34490
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        The latest video released by Ready Check Pull is a quick guide for Mists of Tirna Scithe, a new three-boss dungeon located in Ardenweald that has been enabled for testing on Shadowlands Alpha a while ago.
        Mists of Tirna Scithe houses just three bosses, so the dungeon is not lengthy at all. Encounters include Ingra Maloch, Mistcaller, and Tred'ova. There's an interesting maze that leads to Mistcaller, which is also used as a mechanic in the fight!
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        Map of the Icecrown Citadel quarters with matching Shadowlands zones
        Here, we have images of Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, and Revendreth recently shared by Blizzard.

        Redditor ladestes added that the middle area of Icecrown Citadel with the Val'kyr could correspond to Oribos, the new Shadowlands hub, where all souls are sent in the afterlife to be judged by the Arbiter.

        Here is the circular map of the main Oribos floor which looks just like the center of Icecrown Citadel
        The theory is very interesting because we know that there is a connection between Icecrown Citadel and the Shadowlands. In the new expansion, we will learn more about who created the Lich King's Helm of Dominion, and perhaps, even reforge it now that it has been destroyed.
        In the Shadowlands cinematic, Sylvanas confronted Bolvar Fordragon, rupturing the very veil between life and death.
        Blizzard also updated Icecrown's skybox in Shadowlands, making the Jailer's Tower of the Damned (Torghast) visible in the sky.

        Updated Icecrown skybox in the Shadowlands
        Do you think the similarities between the Shadowlands zones and Icecrown Citadel are purely coincidental, or is there more to it than meets the eye?
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